Zoo, The Series

by Monicah Wangari
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The crows in my previous article wild waters had me state a series called ZOO. It’s one of those that once you’ve watched, nature requires you to chat about for a little longer.


We humans were given mandate by God to rule over animals since the beginning of time. We are to name them, tame them, take care of them and well, feed off of them. So man classified animals into domestic and wild. Domestic are those that can be tamed by humans, wild on the other hand are, well, wild.


We’ve never had a pet, but if chicken count, then yes. Am scared of dogs. Last Christmas I had an encounter with a cat in shagz. You know those kitambo settings of households, my shagz is like that. The kitchen which often had 3 stones and firewood. Then nyumba nene, to mean nyumba kubwa as in the main house which had the sitting room and bedrooms. The washroom being obviously on the outside. The compound often was big allowing for cattle grazing, a shamba with waru, cabbage and sugarcane and random sitting areas – could be on the grass or a few wood plunks put together. Even my parents once had such a household back in Kinangop before we moved to an all in one. Mother would go like “thie nyumba nene ugire shubi” – “get me salt from the main house”. This is so unlike the Nairobi we all now know. When you’ve achieved, Nairobi will have you buy a plot somewhere in Kitengela for an arm and a leg then within that space, jenga a 4 bedroom house – leave space for parking and a little shamba that will cater just for the family but not everyday – for a kidney and a liver.

My shagz, somewhere near the aberdares

This last Christmas, on a starry night, I sat on shosho’s wood planks. Behind me was the shamba. This one has bananas, sugarcane, cabbage, oranges, pumpkin, potatoes and a whole lot of things I can’t name even. And shosh manages it all. She has cows, chicken and sheep. A few cats too. One of the cats warmed up-to me. She comes, meows at me from a distance (I think that’s their idea of knocking) and when I call at her, she comes closer and starts rubbing against my feet. I caress her. Our relationship progresses pretty fast. She even purrs in front of me – a show that she likes me, is comfortable around me (an equivalent of a human smile or a dog tail wag). I carry her up to my lap and she jumps down, I think she is shy or trying to tell me, “we are not there yet!” When I get busy on my phone, she jumps on the wood plank and sits next to me to say, “bitch am here, now caress me!”. This one loves attention, and gets mad when I don’t give it. When i ignore her, she walks away and goes purring on my cousin, that hurt my feelings and really, that’s why am labelling her female. You didn’t think I checked her down there now, did you! I might get me a cat for a pet soon fam.


About Zoo

the title image

In zoo, this was the situation – people loving their pets, their pets loving them, catching feelings sometimes – until the animals begun mutating. Their genes started changing. Improving but for the detriment of humans. They grow the realisation that they are more powerful than humans. The series begins in a small village called Africa. Just kidding! Africa is actually an entire continent with 54 countries. It begins in Botswana, located on the Southern horn of Africa. We are introduced to 2 animal experts Jackson Oz (real name James Wolk) and Abraham Kenyatta (real name Nonso Anozie) based in Botswana.

Image source; collider

We see lions attack and kill humans in abnormal ways. We are then taken to other countries and we see different animals, attack humans mercilessly, including their owners. Cats, lions, dogs, ants, bats, bears, rats, crows, wolves.

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Several people in different locations – Jackson Oz, Abraham Kenyatta, Dr Mitch Morgan (real name Billy Burke), Jamie Campbell (real name Kristen Connolly) and Chloe Tousignant (real name Nora Arnezeder) notice the animal behaviour change and take it upon themselves to find out why. Through someone in power, they come together and are financed to find the why and a cure.

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They discover that Reiden Global, a biotechnology company which sells products including pesticides, animal food and medicine is responsible. And the constituent has reached other animals through the food chain.

They find a cure but as they fly it back home, they are attacked by birds and the plane crashes. This separates them and by the time they get back together, the government has already come up with a plan to kill all animals by releasing a gas, then repopulate them eventually – the Noah Objective.

The gas doesn’t kill the animals. Instead, it renders all humans sterile. For 10 years, no one bears child. The intention of the scientists who invented the gas was exactly that. To reclaim earth to animals.


This 3 seasons thriller series will twirl your mind through its unpredictability. The genius behind it’s creativity is on another level. Having first been a book in 2012. Definitely not your ordinary series. When you think the team has won, something comes up – we don’t know happy endings here, ours are happy occurrences and shit always hits the fan again.

If you are looking to catch an out of the box show, this is it. What’s amazing is, it gets better every episode, every season.

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Mitch January 19, 2019 - 7:06 pm

Zoo is the next series am getting myself

Monicah Wangari January 21, 2019 - 9:51 am



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