When It Rains, It Pours!

by Monicah Wangari
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Earlier this decade, while in campus, I had an encounter with someone who saw it right to unlawfully possess my phone.

It was a chilly day during the week and I was headed to Town to meet up with my friend Ney. One of the perks of being in campus full-time is how random classes are. You could have free days while on some days, the classes could end as early as 9 am. I dressed up for the weather and took with me a handbag which had a side pocket.

Back then, 14-seater matatus along that route would always carry excess passengers. The most frequent passengers were campus students living a few minutes drive from campus. We had become accustomed to this culture. A seat meant for three would pack four people.

It was in the late afternoon and I boarded one of those just outside my campus. The matatu crew could be cheeky sometimes. They would charge us fare to get to Town but would not complete the trip, leaving us somewhere midway to Town. And yes, they did refund the balance.

Well before we got there, something happened.

While on the ride, Ney called. She was waiting for me in town. The call ended and I put my phone back in my handbag, in the side pocket. Big mistake!

Within the ride, we shifted seats as people alighted.

Halfway to town, we were asked to alight. I got on another matatu. You know the way you just keep checking your phone, I did. I couldn’t find it!. In panic, I checked the whole handbag and my outfit. Then I asked a stranger to dial my number. It did ring the first round – no one picked. Then we called again and this time it had been switched off.

Sema kupata balancing tears and trying hard not to let them fall. Especially since I got pity glances and comments from strangers. Now there was no way to meet Ney. I didn’t know her exact location plus my emotions were all over the place. I had to alight the matatu. It started raining. Everyone was running to shelter. I didn’t feel the rain. I was so crushed.

Later on, I got a hold of Ney. Turns out she figured I’d lost my phone. What are the odds?

Have you had such an experience?

Featured photo; pixabay. When the sun is back and I miss the rain, I shall stare at this photo.

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