Watamu Marine Park

by Monicah Wangari
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Ps, just over here feeling nolstagic over my Watamu Marine Park experience

Good thing the longest month of the year is almost over so soon, we are in for more trips

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We wake up earlier than usual so that we are out by 6 am.

The road trip to Watamu is breezy in a nice, chilly, comfortable way that the air conditioner has some time to rest.

We get to Watamu Marine Park at roughly 8:30 am.

The beach is a white smooth sandy affair. With us among a few other tourists and the beach boys gracing it. We book a boat that will be our ride to fish land and dolphin land. The boat is wooden, I guess most boats are. It has an upper deck where you can sunbathe. The lower deck has seats along the edges and the middle ground area has a glass ceiling, one that allows view of the under water.

We and 2 other families set ourselves ready to explore the ocean. And off we are aih aih captain! A few years ago when we were in Wasini Island for a boat experience, we experienced waves similar to a death call, a few of us became sea sick and promised to never go on ocean rides again. And here we were. Problem was, we’d gone at the wrong time,bahari ikiwa chafu. As we expressed our fears to our captain he exclaimed “Watamu ni Kutamu”. And for sure, the ocean was a calm phenomenon.

Boat Ride at Watamu Marine Park

On the boat, we all feel like one family. Happens when y’all might die, you know, we humans unite more in disaster. We are yet to be well acquainted, so often we would smile at each other when our eyes accidentally stumbled on each other. There’s a lady who offered us fruits, well packed fruits and you know, the modest or Kenyan thing to do is say, “am okay thanks.” Yet you’ve been dehydrated by the ocean sun for like an hour now. But when one of your real family picks a fruit, dehydration swallows your pride and you too pick some.

Soon I went to the top deck to feel the sun as it hits the ocean. The view, breathtaking with the sky being all blue, no cloud in sight. The well lit sun gave me some serious sunburns and left me feeling sea sick. I could’ve puked. To curb this, I promised myself to jump in the ocean. Slowly I crawled back pretending to be a okay but the waves, as minimum as they were, were not giving me peace.

We saw the dolphins, magnificent creatures of the sea. They make this cute sound and they have to come out of the water every now and then to breathe, yet that’s their natural habitat. They were many, mostly in pairs. Their colour, a dark grey, with pink genitals (that had to be said)

Everyone would aaw and ooh and wow. You know, first times. From the top deck, we would see even more clearly as the dolphins swum.

There were other boats around us, one with whites who would dive in to swim with the dolphins.


From here our captain took us to the fish zone where we are allowed to swim, snorkel as we view the fish.
Time to swim you look around at your new family and wonder who looks like a swimmer while knowing that you aren’t on that list. Judging is based on costumes. Those without are immediately disqualified as swimmers. Those with are assumed to be swimmers only to learn later that some wore for show. Then the woman who offered us fruits dove into the ocean. And she was great, her and her whole family, they are all swimmers, those are goals!

Several boats camp around here. And people are diving in. Those of us who only dream of swimming are assisted by the captain and a floater. We still freak though. Am in that list.

But the experience was humbling. The ocean is like a large animal, that doesn’t know mercy. You have to master it.

As January swims away like me, see you in Feb, the month of love. I believe love should be shown any and every time. Don’t wait.

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Bennah. January 29, 2019 - 12:36 pm

Kulingana na manaeno queli Watamu ni kutamu


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