Triumph of Faith by Maryfridah Kiaira

by Monicah Wangari
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Maria’s Story

She is sinking, her family has seen that.

Family love shows up best when we are in the thick of it. 

Because they want you around, at your best.

They have tried many ways which haven’t seemed to work, but giving up on her is not part of the plan. 

So they send her to the one place they hope can revive her. 

She is reluctant but there’s no choice because taking the other option offered would mean admitting she’s a failure.

She wants space. She gets some but not like back home. Here, they are determined to bring her glow back as she’s forced to take part in family activities. 

See, she is broken because she’s lost so much so suddenly.  

More than once she has failed to see the meaning of  her own life. 

But being here threatens the wall she has built around herself.  An unforeseen reunion brews something beautiful. Here she faces her past head-on. 

Her passion to live and build is slowly rekindled. 

It is a story of hope, a story of faith. I felt like tearing down as I read through.

Thing with such a story is, it is real, it has happened to many people, it could happen to you, after all, no one is immune to life’s surprises.

But after all, God is there for us, and family is there too. There is faith no matter what. Don’t give up. Keep fighting because God has given you the strength you need to face whatever situation. He has never forgotten you and He will not start now. Trust Him. Release it all to Him. Then allow Him to use those around you to help you recover and grow.

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You can get the book by contacting Mayfee (see contacts below) or get it on Amazon through this link;

I already got my copy. I love my hard copy books.

Author Bio

Maryfridah Kathure Kiaira is the author of this hope giving book. She is married to one Peter Muthee Mwenda and together they have a daughter called Petra Imani Muthee.

Mayfee, which is her nickname, has a degree in Economics and is currently pursuing Master of Economics Cooperation and Human Development.

She started writing back in primary school. She runs a personal blog;

Her first book, a 2015 production, is a Christian inspiration; Time for Goliath to die so take the shot.

She is currently working on another Christian Fiction by the name: The crooked crown. From the title, I know this one will be quite the read.

To get in touch, you can contact her on  +254 716 680 329

or via email

To see other book reviews by me, visit;

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