by Monicah Wangari
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It shows you life in a different way
It makes you change your perspective
Going back to your pillow at home makes you appreciate the trip you were on

When young, I believe travelling is among the many things you’ve got to do to learn life. And you don’t have to overspend; look for any trip fit for your budget, then go have fun. You don’t even need a partner, go make new friends.

You may be looking at your current situation and wondering how that will happen considering you are either broke, have no time or both. About the finances, find a way to make a few coins then take affordable trips that fit your budget. Lately there are very many travel companies, groups and clubs, which means their prices are low compared to when there were just a few. Timewise, this simply requires planning way ahead then you are good to go.

Travelling in large groups will have its drama especially when the number of people is huge. So whichever group trip you want to go on, just be determined to have fun no matter what; because if you focus on seeing the disappointment and everything that’s going wrong, you aren’t going to have fun, will not feel the value for your money and probably say stuff you shouldn’t have said.

Travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller

So, on that note, I and a group of roughly 120peeps went to Amboseli National Park with TouchWild Tours and Travel (you can find them on Facebook). Before that weekend, I had not camped a good one before, (last camp was in class 8), so this was huge and exciting for me.
The week seemed slow but finally, Friday came; I packed my stuff, Saturday came; I woke up earlier than usual, since i didn’t want to be left behind or be the reason for our being late. Everyone was actually quite on time (we still in Africa though :):-).
A few hiccups but eventually, we got on the road for approximately 5hrs.

Arriving at Amboseli

Getting to Amboseli we were screaming with joy. The rough road diversion from the main road to our destination, The KWS Campsite is 20kms; that road is fit for 4 wheel vehicles, all others will just increase in wear and tear.

The dust there, it is worse by far compared to Kitengela and Rongai combined. I mean you could scoop with a shovel. Oh, and this place is still in Kajiado County, no wonder the dust huh!

The Masai community are the main inhabitants of the place. Living mostly in manyattas and one in many houses built with iron sheet (mabati).

There’s a common water source where women and children go fetch water. I didn’t see much livestock, just a few cows and lots of sheep.

So, when we got there, we found tents being pitched and we set our mattresses inside, then ate the already prepared lunch. People were taking selfies, dancing to the music (Zumba) led by Derrick (anytime fitness Kenya on Facebook and anytimefitness_254trainer on IG), really good at what he does, he had us sweating. Bonfire was lit in the night and we danced, socialized, laughed, got high, watched the clear sky with the moon, the stars, the night was beautiful, I would repeat that again, not once but numerous times.


Seeing the wild and adios Amboseli

Some hardly slept the night, I slept for some hours and at 6am, we woke up to go see the wild. For 4 hours, we were out there feeling nature, saw hyenas, elephants (they walk in slow motion), lions, mudfish, antelopes, giraffes, zebras, deers.
The view at the top of the hill was breathtaking!
Got back to camp, had our meals, unpitched tents, packed and left for Nairobi, at that moment I knew I will want to come back again to Amboseli.
The ride back home was smooth with me laughing the whole way back with the now not so new people to me.

It was a beautiful trip, I got to meet new and awesome people, had a lifetime experience, a trip I will remember and have nostalgia about for a while.

If you as excited as I still am, you’ve gotta attend one. On that note, TouchWild Tours and Travel are having a similar trip this November, among many more, go check it out.

When something good happens, travel to celebrate..

If something bad happens, travel to forget it..

If nothing happens travel to make something happen..

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Jackie Baldwin September 15, 2017 - 12:54 am

You touched on a topic closest to my heart… All my life I’ve done camping twice and you know am young at heart.
But that’s enough camping for me…
Thanks for sharing your trips’ details.
Amboseli has the best view and herds of Elephants. Now you make me wanna go 🔙 back there!
Thanks Wangari..

mkareblog September 15, 2017 - 7:48 am

True that, herds of elephants, quite the view. You should go back sometime, smoke a little dust hehe.
Travel is absolutely something that brings so much fun, freedom and fulfilment.
Every trip takes you back home a better person having learnt a lot of new things.

emarete October 3, 2017 - 11:46 am

Nice one. It was amongst my greatest experiences.
The dust was awesome too😋

mkareblog October 3, 2017 - 12:48 pm

Thank you Emarete, lol yes quite the experience!

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