The Ol Donyo Orok (Namanga Hills) Experience

by Monicah Wangari
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We got there at 8:30 am after a 3-hour drive filled with amazing views of the road that connects Kenya and Tanzania – Namanga Road. We were stopped once by the police at Bisil. They requested us to show them our Identifications.

On arrival, we met our guide George  alongside two armed rangers. The armed rangers are a must since the area is frequented by buffaloes.


From where we stood, we could see Ol Donyo Orok. It stands right next to Namanga town. On some days, foggy days, it appears black from a distance. That’s why the Maasai call it Ol Doinyo Orok – the black mountain.

We begun our trek right opposite The Gallery. On our way up we saw Sycamore Inn.

We had been advised that the area is very hot hence we dressed light.

Ol Doinyo Orok is rocky. We trekked through the rocky part and eventually got to what seemed like an oasis. River Namanga flows through it.

We also visited the caves. 

At the summit, we could see Mt Longido.

After the hike, we visited the Ke-TZ border. I had amazing company on the hike. It’s never a dull time hiking.

I continue to enjoy hiking and I must say, it’s here to stay.

Join me soon as we continue to explore this beautiful well endowed country.

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