The Lonely Lady by Harold Robbins

by Monicah Wangari
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The author, Harold Robbin was born in 1916, departed in 1997, may his soul rest in eternal peace. Among many other books, he wrote The Lonely Lady in 1976 which was later turned into a film in 1983. About life or the journey to Hollywood stardome.

If I was to subtitle it, it’d be “the cost of dreaming”.

This book will spiral your emotions

You’ll want to cry

You’ll want to revenge for her

You’ll want to support her

You’ll want to tell her to stop

To submit to society standards

But she won’t

She know she wasn’t made like that

Whether by nature or by herself

And she won’t stoop to society standards

She will fight

She will object

She will grow weary

She will try again

She will be on the verge of giving up

And she will come rising once she’s hit rock bottom

Jerille Randall, that’s her

The lonely lady

A woman with a dream who believes in freedom and freedom for her includes not getting committed to anyone or getting married which according to society is what women were made for. Well she doesn’t believe that

In the beginning, when she was 17, she did fall in love and got married to one Walter Thornton, a 50 year old man who saw writing potential in her and coached her as he was a successful writer too. Writing was after all, her greatest dream. She even began playing actress in some scripts. We are all bound to grow and as she grew, Walter didn’t want her to grow out of the 17 year old girl her married so they split after 6 years.

Walter is a rich, lemme rephrase, very wealthy man, and our girl Jerille got used to that posh life. Now when they divorced, all that went down the sewer as she wants to start afresh, build her own by herself.

Life goes south for her quick as she is forced to learn the game, that for a woman to make it, cunt is a tool. She owns one thing that she holds onto dearly, a typewriter, which she always moves around with between apartments. She has a lot of roommates as you’ll see, both male and female because she is now bisexual. She uses drugs, all sorts, smokes, pops pills, snorts coc and drinks lots of vodka. Reasons known to her including; to relax when stressed and to refresh the brain if it needs a booster.

When at rock bottom and broke and no light at the end of her writing tunnel, she applies for jobs at night clubs. Here she looks for a muse name Jane Randolph.

While living with one of her roommates Mike, they are busted for selling grass. Eventually she is let out and she skips town due to threats from a random number.

She goes to NY and this is where she loses it and ends up in a mental institution and rehab centre as her drug use messed her up.

While there she is asked to write to anyone who would assist with further recovery. She does and you must know, after she leaves, she blossoms like a flower.

You wanna grab this

It all felt so real, struggles we face to achieve greatness, or leave a legacy, part of growing up, making mistakes.

Why you should read it? Well, it’s worth your read, trust me, and it’s possible to be done in a day, like yours truly. We all read for diverse reasons, if you have none, let me be one of the reasons.


FYI, am glad to be back, been close to a month now huh, well life has been quite the ride. I can smell the holidays already. Cheers for the support this far, just reading is support enough.


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Bill November 23, 2018 - 8:52 am

Such a nice book review you have done. đź‘Ź..and by the way, it’s great that you are back.. Looking forward for more amazing posts ✌

Monicah Wangari November 23, 2018 - 9:59 am

Thank you Bill


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