The Home-stretched Consistency

by Bildad Makori
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Homestretch is a final stage according to dictionary

Yet again, we are a few months away from crowning another year. 2019 has so far proven to be a successful and fruitful year to most of us if not all of us. A good number of people have hit and have even surpassed the goals, resolutions and plans that they had but some however, have achieved nothing at all!

In every year, the months of January and December are seemingly very important months, right? Starting with December, we all know that this is the month that is ever filled with parties, parties and more parties from the very 1st day to the very last. In this month, it’s all about dancing, eating, drinking, name them all! Worldwide, many people usually celebrate the achievements and goals they have made in that year. Other people on the other hand are the invited. The ones that join the latter and celebrate together with them their year’s success and closing this list we have others. The people who just party and celebrate for no particular good reason!

Crossing over to January, it always amazes me on how zealous and motivated many people always become. You find that in the wake of that month, suddenly, nearly everybody becomes all serious and focused just like that! At this time, people tend to make promises and goals, some which are attainable and some of them honestly speaking, are unattainable, the ones that are termed as unrealistic! Although it is said that anything is possible, some in this case are not. More to this month of January, most people become principled, setting clear demarcations on their do’s and don’ts and this move is undoubtedly very good but, …

In spite of starting the year on such good notes, I really don’t know where the rain starts beating us from?! When drawing to the last quarter of the year, when we ought to be nearing the completion of our goals and targets, you find that we are nowhere closer to completing and reaching our goals and targets! The drunkard who said that he would quit drinking, the thief who promised to never ever steal again, the Christian backslider who vowed and even made a covenant to always go to church every Saturday or Sunday and would even get baptized … it is so sad that these people at no particular time never even tried to live their words!

Folks, as you may be reading this, you may wonder and even ask yourself What then might be the reason as to why majority of the people across the globe hardly ever meet their target? What causes this to happen? The answer to this question is pretty simple. The lack of consistency! Yes, this is simply it! You find that these people who are affected by this usually lack the urge and finally lose interest in that which they had set to accomplish.

Well then, now that you have highlighted the major cause, what then do we need to do to finally fulfill our targets? Worry not dear reader. Below are guidelines that will sail you through in meeting your goals now that you have noted that which you need to do.


Many people at many times overlook this very key point.  By praying to God, you ask Him to guide and help you achieve that which you want.

Set a plan/strategy

It is important for you to have a direction in which you are to follow. That which will guide you so that you know what and where you need to do.

Be principled

Stick to that which you have set. Be firm and true to yourself.

Love what you are doing

This is will help you enjoy what you are doing and it will also motivate you.

Walk the talk

Follow that which you are doing. If your goal this year was to quit smoking, be true. Don’t smoke at all. Not even the littlest

Have faith

Believe that you are able and that you’ll l pull through.

Reward yourself

In instances where you were able to achieve some little targets in your year long quest, be sure to treat and reward yourself by buying some sweet and good snacks and foods, or even taking yourself out.

With this, believe you me, it you’ll accomplish it. Just be consistent. You’ll see.


This article is written by Bildad Makori. I had earlier mentioned him in my previous article; my 100th blog post. He is a student at Chuka University, pursuing Journalism. Bildad owns a blog; He is witty and throws funny comments around, and when serious topics need to be discussed, he does not shy away.

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BIldad Makori September 30, 2019 - 9:46 am

Yippee 😊
Thanks Monicah for the platform.

Monicah Wangari September 30, 2019 - 9:50 am

You are welcome Bill, Keep shining!

Permy October 4, 2019 - 7:22 pm

Nice piece

Bildad Makori October 9, 2019 - 10:07 am

Thank you for the read Permy.
Stay turned for more nice pieces

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