Selling Mushainos

by Monicah Wangari
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When I was in my final year of campus, with graduation to come, there was panic. Job search panic! Guys were applying for jobs. Some were already at jobs. 

I remember having conversations with my two best friends on this. We fell into the panicky job search. We were honestly envious of those working with a steady source of income. We hoped that soon we’d join them.

Then, one of my best friends and I came up with the idea of getting into retail business. I mean, after all, we were all not going to be lucky enough to get employed. We brainstormed and thought the wise thing to do was to sell items on graduation. Our focus was on selling mushainos (the shiny flowers usually hang around a graduand’s neck). The flowers could also be used in Christmas decorations. 

We built castles in the air of how it was going to work out and how much profit we would make. It was viable!

Source; here

We hustled…

First, we found space and laid our few items (I am saying this because looking at everyone else’s display, we felt bad for ourselves). Then at some point, we had to hang the flowers on our arms and necks and split up. The plan was to walk around seeking customers as far as Kahawa Sukari from Kenyatta University and back several times. I remember seeing a whole bus of guests arriving and I was like a jackpot! I rushed to sell but sold nothing. I got the silent treatment that customers show hawkers. Sobs… 

We made friends that day. Some of them told us that this is how they earn a living, how they go as far as other counties universities to sell. 

We left at around 3 pm. Hungry and almost frustrated that we didn’t sell our roughly 60 shiny flowers. We sold like 10. I am proud of us as I write this. That as clueless as we were, we stayed, we found space, we hawked the items, and made a few sales. 

In these dire times when jobs are scarce, starting a business is your best bet. Business is about adding value to an item and selling it hence making profit. Sell clothes, sell fruits, sell spare parts, sell your services, sell anything really, as long as it’s legal and moral according to you and your target market. 

I guess what am trying to say is;

It is okay to start small with fear.

I try to follow my advice and on that note, check out my new business; thrift_with_kare on Instagram

I now sell lady clothes and bags. I hope it picks up and keeps leveling up. I hope one day I will look back and proudly narrate how I began. The same way I proudly narrate selling mushainos years back.

Source; Baim Hanif on Unsplash

Read more of my hustle chronicles here; themkare

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