by Monicah Wangari
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I read somewhere : get a kitchen stool, sit down, and select your friends like beans or else you will chew stone again this year.

I couldn’t help but think how we carry the same junk, year in year out, and yet still expect our lives to change.

Remember those TV sets for kitambo that had an ass. They were black and white too which eventually turned to a not so colourful colour back then. Whenever a station didn’t work, what’d you do? Give it a few slaps and try putting it on and off. If this didn’t work, then you had to run outside or to the roof top to twist the aerial, while someone else shouted back whether it’s working or not. Those were the days huh!

Fast forward, when your laptop or smart phone isn’t working, you switch it on and off/reboot – this one you can’t slap, you’ll destroy it, fragile thing! When the Wi-Fi isn’t working, you reboot it. If the problem persist, you call the expert.


Just like machines or animals, we humans get tired. That’s why we need sleep to regenerate and be as active as possible the moment we awake. We reboot by excretion to get rid of waste so we can create space for new clean food for our bodies. Those are the most natural forms of reboot for living creatures (btw do plants sleep?)  We reboot by crying or screaming so as to let go of emotional junk.

Often, we are in a rush – believing that being busy is living, busy is a thing nowadays. You cannot be caught idle. You cannot be asked what you are up to and fail to mention your job or course you are pursuing. But there’s only so much one can do huh.

So besides sleeping enough hours and spending time in the toilet, how else do you reboot, when do you allow your busy mind to regenerate and grow.


If I may, here are a few ways am aware of, hopefully you’ll learn a few, feel free to enlighten me at the comment section:


  • Travel

This shows you another world, a new experience, you for a while forget your normal life. And when you are back to your norm, you are refreshed and ready to work.

Image source; unsplash

  • Exercise

Go jogging at a forest nearby. In Nairobi Kenya, Karura Forest is the go to, there’s cycling too. Experience nature, breath fresh air and even meditate as you listen to bird sounds.

Image source; unsplash

  • Read something

Stories have a way of taking our minds away from the norm into another world. Just find a comfortable place to sit then read that book. I feel physical books give you the real feel of a book – turning page after page and smelling them too.

Image source; unsplash

  • Get a diary

Write anything and everything you feel. You can compare this to having a deep conversation with someone except that that someone is you. Thing is, most times, we know what we need to do right but we don’t. We just need to hear it from someone else. Writing down on your diary serves this same purpose. You are your own therapist.

Image source; unsplash

  • Dance

Whether learning for the first time or going to that social open dance, go for it. Dance for me makes me easen up, I forget my troubles, I  move as my body wants and I feel like a free bird.

Image source; unsplash

  • Stay alone for a weekend

Mostly with your phone off if possible. Like be your own company for a weekend. You could decide to take yourself out. And then go back home and reminisce how you had a great time.

Image source; unsplash

  • Go to the spa

For a massage or body scrub, those things work magic. I once went to Serenity Spa, Kitisuru. Read my story here.

Image source; unsplash

  • Try something new

Go to an event about dogs or a conference, just something out of your normal comfort zone. Get uncomfortable. You will sweat, probably act weird, look stupid but that’s just part of the learning curve.

Image source; unsplash

  • Hang out

with people you love and people who challenge your thinking and people you can be your crazy weird self around. Just chill with them, talk, cry, laugh – just be.

Image source; unsplash


Notice something in common in all the photos above – no phones.

Learn to ditch your phone. Because phones are loud. People are loud. And to reboot, you need silence, to be able to listen to yourself or those you are in physical contact with.


Featured image source; unsplash, has free amazing photos

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Mark February 4, 2019 - 12:57 pm

Nice read.


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