Reading breeds patience

by Monicah Wangari
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I am an advocate for reading because it harbors many advantages. I am not as avid a reader as I would want to be, – my main goal being to rise early and actually read a book or scribble on a diary. But step by step, am working on it.

Different reading habits exist and am sure you can classify yourself somewhere below;

  • Those who don’t read at all
  • Those who experience reading on a social media level; WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram
  • Those who read beyond, that is, besides social media posts to include; blogs, email subscriptions, books

Articles and books readers include;

  • Those who start the first chapter and if it doesn’t appeal call it a book,
  • Those who skip to parts they feel are important after having selected them in the table of contents or by simply perusing through.
  • The few avid readers who begin from the cover page by page. They go through the acknowledgement, reviews to table of contents. This helps them to understand where the writer is coming from and what his goal for the reader is. Then this reader keeps following till end or till supposed goal is reached or message is well understood.


I just finished reading Drunk by my favorite Kenyan writer his excellency Jackson Biko and currently reading The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. All thanks to some cool guys I know.

Drunk, a 167-page book is portable even in your smallest sling bag. It is a combination of perfectly delivered humor and valid life lessons. Reading it felt like watching an interesting movie that you would want to see till end. And just like that interesting movie, reading it in bits or for days with stops doesn’t do it justice. I would advise you to spare two hours tops and read it over a cup of milk or glass of wine if you prefer, hell, even porridge works since the season calls for it. Get it on Bikozulu’s web space; bikozulu

The Daily Stoic which has daily meditations of the Stoic ways. Stoic!? I know, I had no idea such a word existed either. Until a cool guy posted part of it to his status on WhatsApp and I borrowed. There are many ways of living and Stoicism is a way of living for Stoics. The daily Stoic has daily meditations for 366 days of the year. Deep lessons that you would need to meditate on every day for the rest of your life to live them. The first lesson featuring the Serenity Prayer; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference” Ps; there’s a reggae song with that message (just saying *smiles*) …


Reading breeds patience


First, for you to read, you have to be interested in a book.

Then, you have to borrow, download or buy a book.

Then sit down, solo mostly and scroll through.

Patience in that you have to choose to read; over movies, over partying, over sleeping which are usually the easier option. Not that any of these activities are a waste, they are in fact very important and honorable things to do, just that reading is so honorable and should be done at intended and appointed times. Don’t argue with me, am sure you understand the struggle of picking a book.

The highest form of patience being making time for reading. Because for most of us, we read on our free time only. But reading should be exalted such that there’s time set aside for that. It should be more than a hobby.

Patience to allow your mind to lay to rest all other thoughts. To focus on the book’s words, to get lost in them and feel what the writer felt.

Patience to drop insecurities and defensiveness, see who you are by the book’s definition and eventually see yourself grow into what you read and desire to be.

Patience in that some books are written in some higher level of English which our brains are not used to and we have to reread severally to decipher what the message is. Like the Daily Stoic for me.

And when you fancy the book, you share, you talk about it because you are not selfish and want others to learn too. And also encourage the supposed reader to buy from the author so they can promote talent and the birth of more.

Wanna learn more? Go to; two ways of reading

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The Mkare.

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