Quick to make Smoothies

by Monicah Wangari
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Lately, I have adopted a smoothies’ culture – I make at least one per week. Barely where I want to be, but we all start somewhere don’t we.

A smoothie (also spelled smoothy) is a thick blended beverage with shake-like consistency, normally pureed in a blender containing fruits and/or vegetables as well as an added liquid such as fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk, or even yogurt. This is according to perfectsmoothie.com. See also the difference between a smoothie, juice and a shake in the article. 

It goes without saying that fruits and vegetables are beneficial. They are the most recommended item in the list of meals.

Smoothies come with many benefits among them:

  • Curb depression. Folic acid has been proven to reduce depression. Foods rich in folic acid include broccoli, citrus fruits, bananas, peas and spinach.
  • Weight management. 
  • Detoxification. 
  • Gives you a glow. 
  • Improved digestion. 
  • Boosts your immunity. 
  • Full of antioxidants that prevent lifestyle diseases. 
  • Better sleep. 
  • Boosts your brain. 
  • Build bone strength. 
  • Balances hormones. 

Making smoothies doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Having bought the ingredients from the market, the preparation at home takes like 10 minutes. Load your blender then hit run. If the thickness is not as you’d prefer, add whichever liquid proportion you prefer. I usually use water. Other liquids to add include: almond milk, coconut milk, natural yogurt, and organic fruit juices. 

Flopped Smoothies

Within my trials, I have flopped twice. 

Too much raw kale.

You know those days you’ve had a flawless day indoors, this was one of those. On a beautiful afternoon, I was in the mood for a smoothie. So I got these ingredients and cut them to blend-able pieces. I then added water to soften the thickness and in no time I had my smoothie ready. It wasn’t tasty but sometimes, the healthiest stuff is the least tasty. Unfortunately for me, the next three days had me nurse stomach discomfort (not the gassy type but an inflated stomach with no appetite). I came to learn later that raw kale has a high quality of indigestible fiber hence too much intake interrupts with your normal digestion. While making your smoothie, portions are important

Too much carrot.

Trying to make a carrot, apple and beetroot smoothie, I put a large portion of carrots. Carrot has a lot of fibre too and its juice is best extracted with a juicer. Some of these vegetables need a juicer over a blender so it can remove the extra fibre because too much fibre in a smoothie is a turn-off.

Legit Smoothies

I have had successful attempts that I will proudly share with you.

The first smoothie I made which remains the easiest up to date is avocado, bananas, and spinach.

Avocado, bananas, and spinach

Pawpaw, banana, beetroot, and apple

Banana apple cucumber beetroot and avocado

Mango, passion and krest mocktail courtesy of kaluhi’s kitchen.


The most recommended smoothie components include:

  • berries, 
  • citrus fruits(oranges, lemon), 
  • cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), 
  • flax seed, 
  • grapefruits,
  • yogurt,
  • kale, 
  • spinach, 
  • oats,
  • pomegranate, 
  • soybean,
  • milk, 
  • bananas,
  • raw organic nuts, 
  • raw honey, 
  • chia seeds, 
  • carrot, 
  • ginger,
  • and tomatoes. 

The way you combine is up to you. Have fun with it and mind your portions.

Further resources;

  1. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/articles/50-smoothies
  2. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/138/drinks/smoothies/

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