by Monicah Wangari
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Based on a true story.

‘I Am All Girls’ is a May 2021 South African movie. It is about child trafficking by men and women in power. The girls are traded off in exchange for oil. 

I Am All Girls Movie Plot

Ntombizonke Bapai (Ntombi) (Hlubi Mboya), is a child trafficking survivor. Ntombi, whose name means ‘all girls’, shows her emotions and you can feel her pain throughout the movie. We are often shown her experience as a child. We are not told how she escaped, but she did and now works with the police. To bring down the child traffickers. She manages to keep her story private. 

At some point, the police department dealing with child trafficking realizes that one of them is always two steps ahead. One of them acts quicker on the information they have. The said person goes after the traffickers behind everyone’s back and kills them. They always leave a sign on the men’s chest. The abducted girl’s name initials.

Jodie Snyman (Erica Wessels), who is Ntombi’s lover and colleague, suspects her. One evening while in Ntombi’s house, Jodie finds all sorts of knives in Ntombi’s bag. She is convinced Ntombi is responsible for the unexplained killings. Jodie does not sell her out but instead joins her in this chase.

It doesn’t end well for Ntombi. However, Jodie is sure to avenge for Ntombi, Ntombi style. She marks the letters NB on the man’s chest. As the movie ends, Jodie leaves the country. It is not clear whether she is fleeing the country or going after the other child abductors.

At the end of the movie, they show statistics on child abduction. This goes to show that humanity is its own worst enemy. Just recently, an 8-year-old girl, Shantel, was kidnapped in Kitengela. Shantel’s body was then found in a disposable bag somewhere close to her home. I pray for peace and light for the family of Shantel.

Salute to all those people championing the fight against abduction and trafficking. May everyone that is reading this never be the cause of such pain to anyone. May we choose to be the light, the peace and, the friend to others.

an image of the I Am All Girls Netflix poster
Image source; Netfix

Featured image source; Wikipedia

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