Places to Hang Out in Kitengela, Kajiado, Kenya (Triple K)

by Monicah Wangari
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If you would like to experience any of the experiences posted in this blog, we do curate them at a fee. Contact us on A bigger group means cheaper cost per person, but even solo trips are encouraged.

Having experienced Kitengela (my home town) a bit extensively, below are activities and places I would recommend you try.

Carry the spirit of an explorer with you, then you’ll be sure to have a bomb and discover more.

Ps: The article is over two years old. Prices stated may have been revised by the specific hotels and resorts. Kindly do your due diligence before visiting. I have attached links to help you get more information.



Here’s a list of hotels and resorts with a Swimming Pool;




Perfect destination for swimming lovers. For more on it, check them out on the rosewall Instagram page


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images-6.jpeg
Image courtesy of how and where

Any youth in Kitengela will tell you where Rosewall is located. It’s an investment by an individual who thought, instead of building a residential home within the estate, he/she should do a swimming pool hangout area instead. Wise person this one. Normal charge is Kes. 250 per adult and Kes. 200 per child. Foods within the range of Kes. 100 for a hot-dog to higher amounts for other dishes. Events are allowed during the day only. The pool is  big as you can see.




 Kaputiei Safariland Hotel;


Check them out on the kaputiei safariland hotel website


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A famous Hotel in Kitengela where visitors love to go and unwind. It is also known to host events both day and night. Swimming costs Kes. 300.




Galaxy Hotel;


To know more, visit the galaxy resort Facebook Page


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Famous for hosting The Churchill Show, this is a high end hotel on Namanga Road whose location is remote and a perfect getaway plan. Adults swimming charge is Kes. 300 and half price for 16 years and below.




Sandalwood Hotels and Resort;


More info, visit sandalwood hotel website


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is images-2.jpeg

Located just in Kitengela Town along Namanga Road, the hotel is easily accessible. Charges are Kes. 300 for adults and Kes. 200 for kids.




The Park


For more about the park, visit Kitengela Conference centre website



Image Source; here

The view leaves me longing to get there.




GMC Place, Muigai


Visit the GMC Place website to find out more


Opened in 2020 and with several billboards along Namanga Road, you will hardly miss GMC Place.






Recently, Kitengela got it’s own mall, located centrally within the town; Kitengela Mall. It houses the famous Artcaffe (Kitengela is it’s 29th outlet) which in my opinion is perfect for a date night or just a chilled hang out with friends. It also houses Baus Optical, several clothes, beauty products and shoes shops and the largest supermarket within Kitengela, Naivas.


Image Source; here

Kitengela also has the famous combo of three; Pizza inn, Chicken Inn and Creamy Inn. They are located within the town next to Kobil Petrol Station (now Rubis).


Image Source; here


These two locations just after Yukos, Namanga Road, serve burgers, pizza and cocktails. So handy after a long work day or a lazy weekend.

Charlie’s Bistro

The most recent addition to the places to visit in Kitengela is Charlie’s Bisro, housed in OBC Mall right above Quickmart Supermarket and opposite Club Pavilion.

It runs as a restaurant by day and night club by night. If you are yet to, please visit be cause the ambience and music are it. I visited once, I plan on making it my spot.


Scoops Ke


Check out their Instagram Account

Location on maps: Scoops Kitengela







Allow me to distract you from your search for a hangout in Kitengela for a minute.

Did you know that I organise hikes? Epic hike experiences. In Kenya and Tanzania.

Here are a few upcoming ones;


Back to what brought you here🙂




Kitengela has really developed and I see many adventure lovers head this way every weekend. Here are a few places in the farther outskirts of Kitengela one can unwind.



Fred’s Ranch, Isinya

The location is quite famous as it is owned by the radio personality Fred Machoka. I visited some time back and even had the opportunity to meet him. Read about it on Fred’s Ranch Review. For more information, visit Fred’s Ranch Facebook Page




Enchula Resort

Located in the outskirts of Kitengela just before Kajiado. It’s quite a long drive as it is approximately 74kms (one and a half hours) from Nairobi. I found it really beautiful and tranquil. The view on the Namanga road just outside Enchula is mind calming. Find out more on their Enchula Resort Facebook Page


Photo taken on a Xiaomi note 10


Masai Ostrich Farm

Located approximately 52kms from Nairobi, Masai Ostrich Farm remains one of the most visited locations in Kajiado County for a quick getaway. Visit sometime and enjoy ostrich rides and meals. Find out more on the Masai Ostrich Farm website.


Photo courtesy of Masai Ostrich Farm




Most of the above hotels have accommodation. However, if you are looking for a home away from home Airbnb kinda stay, give the below a shot.


Laviniah Farmhouse, Kisaju

Laviniah Farmhouse is located in Kisaju. Approximately 50kms (one hour) from Nairobi. Find out more about them on Laviniah Farmhouse Airbnb profile


Image courtesy of Laviniah Farmhouse







Here’s where to party and/or watch football around Kitengela.

You can club hop since the clubs are not so far from each other. Best clubs are just after Kitengela Town – Yukos Area.



famously referred to as the House of Rhumba and great Nyama Choma

Visit their facebook page; Clubenkare

Location; Google Maps




Visit their facebook page; PavilionXVKitengela

Location; Google Maps


Visit their facebook page halcyonlounge

Location; Google Maps



Club 034


Visit Club 034 Facebook Page

Location; Google Maps





Some of them being within night clubs. Others within the hood, with no name, in iron sheet shelters mostly. But trust me, that’s where the pros are at.






Some of us fancy a drive to unwind. If you are looking for just an open area to chill at that is not so far out of Kitengela, try EPZ.

There’s a clean clear road where not so many vehicles frequent. People use it to scate, jog, shoot videos, do photo shoots, go on walks, picnics, chill and enjoy the cool arena.

If looking for a long drive, Namanga Road will serve that. You can drive as far as Namanga – border of Kenya and Tanzania). It will take you two hours from Kitengela.

Am sure there’s more places to unwind, have a good time and meet people. Feel free to leave a comment of the same.


If you are yet to do these, y’all are welcome to explore “Dusty South” as many love to call it.



A few things to know about my town;

Kitengela town is located in Kajiado County (034) whose current governor is Ole Lenku.

Kitengela is located along Namanga Road, the exit road to Tanzania.

Normal fare from Nairobi is Kes. 100/150 via several Saccos located along Railways. The most famous ones being Wamasaa Invest and Rembo Shuttle. See more on them on Team Manyanga

Dusty South has amazing people like me 😉

To see other places I have visited, click here.



It’s been over three years since I published this post. Kitengela has experienced immense growth since then. If you’ve visited a place that I haven’t shared here, kindly share with us in the comment section. And I too, as I explore more, I shall keep this post updated.





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Veronicah Nyambura March 29, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Kitengela also has you and I and oh my we are awesome.

mkareblog March 29, 2018 - 2:55 pm

You got that right hehe

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Zippy May 11, 2021 - 3:52 pm

Woow. I love your experience Monica. I’m a local tourist and adventurer too. Embarking on my journey of visiting Kitengela and this is amazing information shared🙏

Monicah Wangari May 12, 2021 - 12:40 pm

Hey Zippy,
Welcome here 🙂

Enjoy Kitengela and share with us of new gems discovered

Stephance April 17, 2022 - 12:03 pm

Am looking forward to visiting Ostrich farm ☺️☺️

Monicah Wangari April 21, 2022 - 1:22 pm

That’s great.
Enjoy the experience Stephance.


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