Once you’ve published a post

by Monicah Wangari
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I always get some type of high when I hit the publish button.

Do you?

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So now, before publishing your well written article;

  • Ensure that it is your truth that you are letting out

It feels nice sharing your honest opinion and receiving feedback off of it.


  • Proof read

Either by yourself assuming you are the reader or send to someone else to criticise.


  • Attach favourable images

as people are attracted to pictures. After all, pictures are worth 1000 words.


  • Add links to previous related articles

They can be internal links to your articles or external links to other blogs’ articles.


Here are a few things to do once you’ve published a post;

  • First of all, clap for your damn self

I mean, the content didn’t create itself, you did. You took your time to compose, edit, re edit, consider the reader. Content creation is not easy but it is a beautiful thing. So kudos.


  • Promote your work

Now, you could be writing to keep a diary like me, but why put it out there on the internet if not for others to read. So, promote your work. If your blog is new, don’t be embarrassed of small beginnings, cheer yourself and even ask friends to share. Everyone is online these days, somehow we always have time for the internet. So where else to promote your work other than through – WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. It’s advisable to have your blogs pages away from/different your personal page.


  • On Editing

You will want to edit after publishing and that’s fine, as it will be more beneficial to the next reader. Some bloggers have editors who critic their articles before publishing while others like me do all the work solo. So as I am human without a second eye, there will be some mistakes mostly of grammatical origin. I always edit when I notice them or when someone pinpoints them. Hence a better quality post. Sometimes I’ll feel the urge to add a point or remove and I do it. My backing being that the next reader will benefit more.


You will feel like the article /post is inadequate. It’s normal and part of the growth process. So always make your next article is better than the previous. It’s the same way you keep replaying what you should have said in an argument long after its over.


  • On Views and Blog Hits

Don’t be put down by the views, they will grow. It is easy to obsess over views number, likes and comments, basically reader engagement. You need to be aware that sometimes, your expectations will not be met. And you need to be okay with that. They say good things take time yeah.

If you get comments, it is okay to respond to each one by one, in fact the reader feels more welcome to your site, and if the comment(s) happens to be off your comfort zone, find a nice way of responding.


  • Start writing your next blog post

Remember to have a schedule you are committed to, you have to create content so dig in, research, experience and feed us some juice through your words.

On top of researching, read widely for your knowledge and for your next blog post. We love your writing and await it.




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zach November 22, 2019 - 10:52 pm

Hi there, I read your blog like every week. Your humoristic style
is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

Monicah Wangari December 3, 2019 - 4:11 pm

Am smiling, thank you Zach. Keep reading.


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