by Monicah Wangari
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Everyone else had left the previous day. They passed by Tsavo National Park on their way to a week-long family vacation in Mtwapa.


I on the other hand had an engagement, a serious one with Bikozulu (the writer I keep mentioning in like all my articles). He had a masterclass from 5th – 7th Dec. The next one btw is in March. Just email him and he will respond. Make sure to put in a catchy subject so you can be noticed among the many emailers (if there’s such a word).


My plan was to travel by bus to Coast to meet the rest. On Thursday, I went to the Modern Coast offices – as they weren’t picking up calls, busy season I guess – to book a ticket. I wanted to travel Friday night, but the buses were fully booked. I booked the Saturday 11am bus – a VIP ticket for Kes.2,000. I was handed a physical ticket and a text message in case I lost the physical ticket.


At least I had time to rest my head after the vigorous masterclass.


I’d packed in advance and le family had left with the luggage. Family is amazing btw. They are the only ones who will love and accept you plus your bullshit any day any time. God created us all as needy creatures – who need people. And He gave us family as the basic unit to fall back to because family is those people who will always be there.


Saturday comes, and as African timer as I can get, I get to the Modern Coast offices at South C total petrol station at 1230pm. Hold up, I am 30 minutes late not 1hr 30 mins. Here I find several people with luggage awaiting too. I go to the office to confirm whether my ride has left and am appeased, it hasn’t yet. I find my way to the shop to get me a few road snacks. I then settle on the corridor as I do what millennials do best when there’s nothing else to do. I receive a text message. See, something amazing about Modern Coast is they send you a text message of every move. When the bus arrives, when the bus departs, the bus registration number and if there will be a delay. They’d sent one that the bus would be late and would depart at midday. There had been some unexpected delays along Mombasa Road. I wasn’t left by the bus thank God. In fact, it got there an hour later and the way I’d hustled to get to the station on time. My mind would wander, and I’d be like ” I should have wiped those shoes at the verandah, I should have cleaned up my room, I should have washed the roof and scrubbed the chicken’s feet.”


Eventually we are on board. Me on my VIP seat – the second seat from the front – quite comfortable that I would roll up my feet Buddha style. My size allows it too. Comfortable, with snacks, a book, a notebook with Bikozulu class notes, a charged phone and a socket to charge when battery goes low, what more could a girl ask for. On my right are two kids, a boy and a girl, who keep stealing glances at me. I think they like me. I hi 5 both, they smile. The seat ahead of me, there’s a guy, his earphones on his ears but I keep disturbing him every now and then, “hi, hii kiti inashukishwa aje?” “nifixie hii curtain” “nifungulie hii soda”, okay, last one was me to me. He is patient though, thank God for such. Oh, and who told Kenyans everyone speaks Swahili. The driver is a jovial man, his assist is a lady. They put some Swahili music and they chat quite often in not so low tones.


The ride during the day is amazing, I wanted that. A day trip to the Coast. It even feels safer because I can see – you know what I mean. Night travel has you seeing forests, light from other vehicles and a gush of wind every now and then. But it’s comfortable for the sleepers. Since we left Nairobi at roughly 139pm, we get to Mombasa at around 10pm. The air, as expected, is heavier, warmer when I step out of the air-conditioned bus. But it feels good to be in the famous coast of Kenya. There are guys saying “texi”, guys who want to overcharge watoka bara.


My destination being Mtwapa – with the help of a kind stranger, am saying kind because am here writing this – I aboard a tuktuk, then a mtwapa bound 14-seater matatu, and as the kind stranger alights at Shanzu, I head on to Club Lambada, Mtwapa where le fam will pick me up.


Some minutes to midnight, I get to my to-be home for the next one week. Xanadu Beach Villas, right by the beach.


Image source; infotel 


We made it! Twenty Nineteen!

From me to you, keep winging it!

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