My First Time in a Spa, Serenity Spa Kitisuru

by Monicah Wangari
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Have you ever felt as though, when you achieve your goal then there won’t be anything more to fight for, to look forward to? So, you are afraid of going hard after your goal.

Well I used to too. Still do sometimes, but then I am learning; life is like a ladder; there are so many steps that I could possibly take. After every success, there’s another challenge to conquer.

It starts with the things you consider small.

You need to know that anything could belong to you.

From spiritual, emotional to material things.

Average thinking has us thinking certain privileges belong to a certain class of people. Not really. I mean, if you work for it, then you deserve it.

So, on that note, I visited the sauna the last weekend of September. I must say, for the longest time I didn’t know such existed and when I knew they do, I thought they belonged to a specific class of people. Not until my skin forced me to experience this sauna experience. Well, I had some serious dead skin so I searched for solutions. The Moroccan mud worked magic for me.

My Experience at Serenity Spa Kitisuru

For about two months, I was in search for the perfect skin exfoliation and massage experience spa. Some were quite expensive, others affordable but weren’t picking my calls.  So, on this specific Saturday, the 30th, I was plotless after work so I called Serenity Spa – which is famous for Moroccan Mud scrub on Google. I was told the Gigiri Spa was fully booked so I was referred to their new branch at Kitisuru. Called and I was set for the 3pm session. Yaaas!

Left work at 1pm, got to town with slight traffic, went to koja (bus stop), picked a matatu number 119, and was dropped off at the location I was advised. Walking in, the cars parked were the sort of Land Rover Discovery, V8s etc. And I had come via PSV 🙂

Went in, (they have exceptional customer care btw), was informed that my esthetician was going to be with me in a few as she was preparing my equipment.

Handed a hot hand towel and warm water to drink as I waited.

She was done and came for me, went to a room called Malaika, where I stripped, wore a disposable panty, and lay on a very warm bed.

I was scrubbed with some type of salt, and when done, went into the sauna room where I steamed for around 20mins after which Moroccan mud was pasted on my body, then stayed for another 20 mins in the sauna. It was all steam and my body was all sweaty and exfoliating. I was like YES! This is what I came for.

Took a shower and dressed up. Then went downstairs and had a cup of tea.

That was fast LOL! That’s how I tell stories in person btw.

Oh well,

It was indeed serene at Serenity Spa Kitisuru.

I ticked sauna off my bucket list 😊



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