My Blogging Journey

by Monicah Wangari
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Back then, the recognised and respected careers were few. Teacher and doctor being among the top. Those who managed to get to university were guaranteed jobs afterwards or even while still at school. Today, things have changed.  Graduates are forced to tarmac even for years without getting the job they so studied hard for in campus. Graduates now sell by the roadside, graduates are now public transport drivers and touts just to make a living. But this huge lack of jobs has its advantages too. Lots of careers which were looked down upon are now recognised, they can make people a living. The brochures of any college can confirm that. Writing being among them. From social media managers, social influencers, bloggers to book authors.

High school. That’s where I learnt I should write but it didn’t quite click until 8 years later. We were in Form 4 and the school principal and a few teachers decided to come give us a talk. After all, ahead of us was the exam most candidates shiver at, the final exam in high school. In a class of 30, I was the only one scribbling on one of my many notebooks. They even took notice of that and challenged the rest to be like me.

Now, I run a personal blog which is 1 year 6 months old. Within it is 83 articles. But I did not just land here.

After high school I loved to keep diaries. Talk to myself through them. About school, parents, boys. Curse at life, scribble my dreams and fears; anything and everything. My diaries were my best friend. On that note, I should probably reread them.

Writing as a career never came across my mind throughout campus. Maybe because I was a baby or simply not exposed enough. I just sifted like the wind through campus. That’s the one thing I would redo given a rerun in life.

Leaving campus had me want to get a job since that was the standard, or the circle of life that we are taught to follow. I did get the job barely a month after graduating. An accounting job. I used to be so excited, the excitement of a little kid who just received their favourite cartoon character souvenir.

Then it got to a point that I got so comfortable and I wanted more. The soul does this thing of getting you somewhere then nugging you to get somewhere else better. And as hard as you try silencing it, it never stops. That’s where regret comes from – trying to silence your calling.

I loved to write about what I felt about life in general and the hard growth process. Then I heard of a program called Ajira digital offered by the Kenyan government, here’s the link. It exposed me more to the world of writing where I learnt about making a living as a writer. The academic kind. It is later that I learnt about blogging, that is, writing about anything I want and sharing it on higher platforms other than social media. Imagine the freedom.

So in July 2017, I opened a WordPress account and started journaling there, stuff I would normally write on my diaries. Feelings. Because for me, it was a way to save memories that I can revisit. Eventually I transitioned and grew to writing about matatus, hair – dreadlocks to be specific -, my travel encounters, interviewing bloggers, doing books and movie reviews.

Later in August 2018, I decided to buy a domain, having being advised by several people and complimented about my writing skills. That has to be one of my personal major accomplishments so far in life. Because I chose to create something and I did.

My first blog name was which I closed then opened See how I came up with my domain name in my about page

One of my successes is being published in a magazine, one by Rotaract Club of Karura. I have gotten various writing gigs and I can only aim for higher from here. I believe I am meant to write and it can be, for me, a full time career. The future can only get brighter. Oh and how could I forget, blogging has led me to amazing sites and has had me meet amazing bloggers, among them, Jackson Biko. I always wanted to meet him ever since I begun reading his work. See my encounter with him here

Of course there have been challenges like being inconsistent and the hustle to monetize the site. I’ll tackle those in my next article on how to start blogging – writing.

There’s this high I always feel every time I publish an article. Mostly when it talks to someone and they reach out with a comment or compliment or further questions on the topic. It’s fulfilling. Even the silent cheer leaders, am glad to know there’s someone out there who believes in my work.

Featured image source; unsplash

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Loise Kambo April 5, 2019 - 7:11 pm

What you ve put down in writing is so real. Viva

Monicah Wangari April 8, 2019 - 5:46 am

Thank you dear, viva.

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Monicah Wangari September 9, 2019 - 8:20 am

Thank you!

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