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Dragon’s Teeth and Mt Satima Day Hike on 2nd April 2022

I once visited the land of the dragons. I would visit again. It is a beautiful experience. All levels of hikers ...


Mt Kipipiri Aberdares Moderate to Hard Hike on 19th March 2022

I like the excitement and wonder that fills us when we think of a trek through any Aberdares hill or mountain. This ...


Sagana Gorges, Skeleton Bridge and Easy Hike through Kiambicho Forest On 5th March 2022

On this beginner friendly hike, we shall be heading to Murang’a county. We shall hike through Kiambicho Forest, w ...


Ole Sekut Day Hike on 19th February 2022

A nice short mountain climb with great views! – Hiking Adventures LOCATION – Kisamis, Kajiado County ...


Camp and Hike Mt Suswa on 5th -6th February 2022 (Saturday n Sunday)

Mt Suswa located in Narok County, is a double crater volcano on the Rift Valley floor. On this expedition, expect to vi ...