Marathon Runner

by Monicah Wangari
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Humming to Nyashinski’s Marathon Runner.

Eliud Kipchoge.

How many blogs have your read about this man, oh well, allow me to add to that list. I promise, mine has a little more.

First of all, waat! Running 42kms (26 miles) non stop. Nairobi to Thika. Glorious.

I’ve done a few marathons and sometimes I run at home. The longest I’d run non stop is probably 1 km. My most remarkable is the Standard Chartered half Marathon which took me around 2 hours. 

Watching the historical INEOS sponsored marathon by the 34 year old Kenyan Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge, I felt a part of something big, just like you did. 

What’s amazing is, we were all patient, none of us knew the results and we waited.

I think life, which is quite unpredictable, should be like that.

Do your part (put on your running shoes every day and practice, get in the game and give it your all) and patiently wait for the results. 

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Who Moved My Cheese

This has just reminded me of the book Who Moved My Cheese. It’s about four characters. Two little humans (Hem and Haw) and two little mice (Sniff and Scurry). Their lives are about looking for cheese to feed on. So every day, they put on their running shoes and run miles to go find cheese. It’s the same story every day for a long time until one day they get to a really large cheese factory. The humans begin to feel entitled. They start calling the cheese factory theirs. The mice never put down their running shoes, they would always hang them around their shoulders. 

Eventually the cheese begun dwindling. The mice noticed and left in search of new and fresh cheese. The entitled little humans didn’t. 

Then one day the humans showed up to the cheese factory, late like they had become accustomed to, and all the cheese was gone. They began crying asking “Who Moved My Cheese” for a long time. They would go hungry and sit around waiting for “their cheese” to be returned. Haw eventually got tired of wallowing and left in search of cheese while Hem never got over it. 

Sometime in December last year. Boy do I miss the Kenyan Coast.

For Eliud Kipchoge, it has been a long journey just like any other legitly successful humans. His success didn’t happen in one day.
He has won 17 medals in his life, 11 being gold and 4 silver. This is according to Wikipedia
He taught us that teamwork makes the dream work. With the right team, you will accomplish miles you only ever dreamt of. 
Best of all, he taught us that no human is limited

If you are like me, Kipchoge inspired you. To start that fitness journey that you have been postponing since January or to go challenge yourself with a marathon or a hike.

Tips to run a marathon

  1. Work out prior because your body has to get used to the conditions.
  2. Find the right shoes. They should be light and you should test them to ensure they won’t give you blisters.
  3. Run in nylon or coolmax outfits, don’t do cotton.
  4. Run at the same time everyday as that of the marathon day. So the body gets used to the routine. 
  5. Visualize yourself winning the race.
  6. Reduce stress levels from the outside for the last one week and simply relax as you await the marathon. 
  7. For the last three days, have a bigger intake of carbohydrate rich foods.
  8. On the day of the run, find some quiet and breath, remind yourself your strategy. 
  9. Then start the run slow so as to finish strong. 
  10. Segment your marathon into smaller units so it’s bearable mentally. For instance, instead of looking at it as a 26 miles marathon, see it as several laps. 
  11. Take carbs and fluids early to avoid serious dehydration. Also, take water at the first aid centre’s to enhance your energy. 
  12. Talk to yourself, encourage yourself. 

Further resources; 


Marathons (mostly half, ie, 21kms) held in Kenya

Beyond zero half marathon

  • Location; Nairobi
  • Month; March
  • See further details; beyondzero

Safaricom Marathon

  • Location; Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
  • Month; June
  • See further details; safaricommarathon

Masai Mara Marathon

  • Location; Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Month; September
  • See further details; masaimaramarathon

Standard chartered marathon

Mwea Classic Half Marathon

Ndakaini Half Marathon

  • Location; the Ndakaini dam in Muranga county
  • Month; November
  • See further details; ndakaini

Kass International Marathon

  • Location; the Kapsabet – Eldoret road
  • Month; November
  • See further details; kassmarathon

Kakamega forest marathon

See you at the next marathon!

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