Letter To A Budding Writer

by Monicah Wangari
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Dear Budding Writer,

It’s good to be ambitious.

Genuine ambition that needs you to be better for yourself, for your course. It gives you a reason to sleep only when certain goals are met. Which translates to late. A reason to wake early and get to it as time really waits for no man. Ambition then gives you a reason to smile in the moment, when you complete your tasks, to keep looking forward, a reason to finally stop competing with the world but yourself.

But dear budding writer, on top of ambition, carry patience around too. Ambition is sure to teach you this. Because it’s not every time that things will go your way. But hey, good things take time yeah.

Writers, great writers like BikozuluKachuanyaDennisPeters started years ago and have been practising till now. That’s how their craft grew. They never gave up, they only took necessary breaks. Now you admire them. That’s after having gone through the rigorous process that diamond and gold go through to become that valuable.

So babe, know that it won’t be an easy ride but if you are truly meant to write, you’ll do it all to keep it up. You’ll have a schedule for reading and writing. You’ll find alone time quite often to reflect and feel. You’ll want to know about life, be curious. You’ll do things you never did or ever imagined doing. You’ll learn to stand up for something, something you are passionate about, something you chose to create, something you are proud of being associated with; your first creation.

You will struggle but then the view at the top is the best so you’ll get there. Promise me that when you get better and bigger, you’ll keep your cool. I know you to be humble, down to earth, keep it that way.

You’ll meet critics. Some are for you and others, there to see your downfall. Have you seen the cultured cow’s post on her letter to a troll. Oh, just to be clear, her is Shiro Gaitho. Know yourself, define yourself, because everyone else already has an idea, or a manual sometimes of how you should conduct your business. Know yourself so that filtering these critics becomes in your favour. PS; be humble enough to learn from it.

You’ll make bucks. Don’t get carried away by that. Remember this is your art. When the bucks go to your head, you might compromise your brand. Strike a balance. See how Walt Disney did it here. I quote part of it; “Profits were important, and necessary, but they didn’t come first.” Find a way to make it about more than just you. To bud other writers, to contribute to the societal growth. Giving to those who can’t repay is one of the most fulfilling of human experiences.

Babe promise to put in the work. Because maybe really, this is why you were born. And the two best days of a human is the day they are born and the day they know why they were born.

This is a reminder for you whenever shitty thoughts or words attack you. And to remind you what you meant for yourself from the very beginning.


A budding writer.



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