Lake Ellis, Mt Kenya Day Hike. In Dresses, We Were Rained On by Hailstones.

by Monicah Wangari
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The Journey

On a beautiful Saturday morning, we headed out to dare Mt Kenya. Not the summit but one of the lakes. Lake Ellis. It is a good camping spot for campers. For us, it was a day hike. The sky was blue so the sun showed out.

We got to Chogoria Town, where we did some shopping and then proceeded to the Mt Kenya Chogoria Gate. It was a smooth ride on the murram road. The forest cover was beautiful and a sight for sore eyes. The air hit the lungs just right.
You start driving on the murram road then the network connection begins fluctuating.
We got to the gate after an hours drive.

I had trouble making payment since there was no network. So I and the gate guide had to take a 15-mins walk towards their network spot. They even have a chair at that spot.
It was calm and beautiful. I was excited about what lay ahead of us.

The Hike to Lake Ellis

We started our hike at 10:30 am slowly, gradually, and chatty.

The last time I was here was in March 2021, when I summited Lenana Peak. The trail then was thickety – just the way I like my trails – a walk inside nature. This year, they cleared the thickety trail to accommodate car movement upto Lake Ellis. The Lake Ellis hiker trail is now the car trail. It resembles the car trail on Ol Doinyo Sabuk (Kilimambogo).

With the sun glaring directly at us and no forest cover above us, the walk felt long.
Everytime we came across a stream, we would stop to drink from it. That Mt Kenya water tastes all sorts of refreshing.

Three hours in and we reached our destination. The last 30 minutes to the destination felt like 2 hours. This happens a lot especially when you are just about to get to the destination. It reminds me of the quote; It is darkest before dawn.

We were so happy to see the lake. I had asked the girls to carry dresses for a content creation session by the lake. The weather had other plans. The clouds were gathering right above the lake the moment we got there. By the time we’d eaten and changed outfits, it had started drizzling.

The PhotoShoot Next To Lake Ellis and Getting Properly Rained On

The rain was already beating on us as I took photos and videos of the girls. And it was not water rain. Hailstones people. Hailstones. We were far from the group and shelter. I didn’t know that getting rained on can make you lose your mind a little lol. We stayed under the rain for a while until our hero came for us holding raincoats. We walked back to the shade while shivering.

The Descent

We waited out for the rain. It did not stop. We braced ourselves for a walk in the rain and began the descent. The rain stopped eventually. We came by a location where the forest looked enchanted. Like in the movies. I was not about to go home without creating content in this beautiful space. So I had Wambui take these shots of me. Gorgeous.

In about two hours were done with the descent. We changed into different outfits. I always encourage my guests to carry a change of clothes and shoes for after the hike. Mountains are unpredictable. We got in the van and cooed up like chicken to create more warmth, as we begun our journey back to Nairobi.
As dramatic as the rain made our experience, we all enjoyed it profusely, and no one got sick.

Meet Sarah. The girl in a white dress above. She runs a lifestyle blog. Visit her blog and read about her Lake Ellis experience; Sarah

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Sarah June 26, 2022 - 6:07 pm

What a lovely hike and a cleanse by the gods. #hailstones

Monicah Wangari June 29, 2022 - 12:38 pm

Righttt.. We needed that lol


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