How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

by Sarah Nderi
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Once again, I am THRILLED to have Sarah Nderi, one of my BEST blogging buddies, guest posting on “How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers”! – like I am doing with her.

Please give her site – nderisarah a visit!



Collaborating with other bloggers brings a fresh voice to your blog or website, where both bloggers benefit from having new content on their platforms, keep their site fresh while bringing more traffic to their site.

Besides, working with other bloggers is fun, it offers a great way to build your site’s SEO ranking and it will help you acquire some new blogger friends.

Here’s how;



This is one of the easiest ways to get in your favourite blogger’s radar and make friends especially if your blog is really small. However, leave genuine comments that are not generic and that communicate how the post made you feel or helped you. Otherwise, you might come off as spammy when that was not your intention.

A well thought out comment can lead to a discussion and more engagement on that post which really helps a bloggers visibility and have an upper hand while working with brands.

If you have a small community of bloggers, head over there twice a week to read what they have posted, comment, email them and work towards greater things such as guest posting on each other’s site.

Join Blogging Challenges/ Linkys

Once in a while there are blogging challenges on different months of the year such as February (Valentines/Love), November (NaNoWriMo) and many others. Find challenges that best suits the message that you want to pass through your site,

For example, every February I participate in the Love Blog Challenge hosted by Brita Long. This challenge has brought more people to my site in terms of referral traffic, it has boosted my domain authority and in writing every single day in February, I made a lot of content for my site while practising my writing muscle!

Joining challenges is a good way to get you started on your writing/blog goals.

Guest Appearance

A guest appearance occurs when a blogger writes for your site. Guests are great because if you want to write on a topic in which someone else is more qualified to speak about, you can invite bloggers to guest post on your site. To get the most out of a guest appearance, make sure to include links to your site that the new audience might like. These backlinks will raise the value of your blog in terms of domain authority while also distributing your content to new readers.

If the guest appearance is on your site, requests for posts that you have little knowledge in or articles that you have been meaning to write but have not gotten to.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is similar to guest appearance. A blogger writes original content for the new site in exchange for backlinks. One can add an author byline which includes the blogger’s website and/or social media handles.

Guest posting is a win for both bloggers because while one blogger gets referral traffic, another gets new content for their blog. For instance, see Monicah’s post to Bankelele site here


Another great way is to create a monthly interview series on your site. Interviews help you connect with other bloggers/solopreneurs while bringing a new voice to your site. More often than not, your audience will receive insights, advice and knowledge from that interview and find her relatable as well.

Here is an example of an interview of myself by Monicah.


There are other ways to collaborate with bloggers such as creating and running a podcast, hosting giveaways, creating a mastermind group and including each other’s articles in your weekly roundups or weekly emails.



How do you collaborate with other bloggers? Let me know in the comments.

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Simamkele June 10, 2019 - 8:46 am

Hi Monicah and Sarah

This is such an informative piece. And I’ve only now started to join a blogging challenge. So far so good. But I’ve been thinking about a guest appearance for a while. I guess the real obstacle for me was starting the conversation. The only collaborative piece I have is on mental health. I literally DMd the bloggers. Informed them who I was, shared the link to my site. And then shared my proposal for the collaboration and it went so well. Better than I expected. People are always willing to collaborate if the content makes sense to their brand identity. I think…

Sarah Ngima June 10, 2019 - 2:23 pm

Hi Simamkele, Sarah here.
We are glad that the article helped you or you were able to gather something from it. As long as your article is along with the other blogger’s niche, they’ll be willing to consider you. What’s more, both of you can create articles for each other linking to each other’s site and your own as well. The links help a long way in improving the sites DA while providing both audiences with new information.

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance :).

CECIL WRITES - August 13, 2019 - 12:04 pm

[…] I am big on collaborating with other writers and bloggers and you can catch some tips here on how […]


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