Hiking Ole Sekut, Kisamis, Kajiado County

by Monicah Wangari
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Quick Summary

Location; Kisamis, Kajiado County

Hike Distance; 8 Kms (3 Hrs moving time)

Difficulty; Beginner and Child Friendly

Elevation; 2,096 Mtrs

Story Time

I didn’t stretch afterward and my muscles didn’t hurt. I do this sometimes to gauge the impact of a climb on my limbs. However, note that stretching is very important.

Call it getting used to the climbs or Ole Sekut being a very gracious and friendly hill. It’s gently steep, nothing shocking. It’s rocky. Lots of loose rocks throughout the climb.

We left Nairobi at about 6:20 am and by 7:20 am we were at the Kisamis Shopping Center (find the location easily via Google maps) to meet our guide.
I had been told he is a gracious old man. And that he was. Except for the fact that his phone was on silent when we arrived which caused me and my business partner a bit of panic. So in case you are to meet him there and he doesn’t pick up his phone, go into Baraka Hotel and you might find him there.

From the Kisamis Shopping Center, we took a right turn into the murram road and drove to the base of Ole Sekut. We began our hike at around 9 AM.

The weather was fine, quite hot and beautiful. It was a gentle climb with no pressure and we made a few stops in between to take in the views.


We got to the summit at noon and chilled for about an hour. We sat under a tree as we had our lunch and chatted away. From the summit, we could see Ngong Hills, Olorgesailie and Ole Sayeti among many other hills around the area.

At 1 pm we began our descent. In an hour, we were done. And that’s when it started raining. We had not expected this.

We drove away while sliding on the now wet and muddy ground. And then we got stuck. We got out of the car and started pushing. This marked my second time pushing a car stuck in the mud. It was fun. Fun because everyone worked in perfect harmony and the car got unstuck quite quickly and the fact that at the end of it, we were all now really dirty lol. I was so grateful for the team I had. The trick that made the struggle quick; Our Masai guide Koimaresh Mulo cut branches off of some trees and we’d place them below the car tires. Koimaresh then offered us a place to clean up seeing as his house was on our exit route.
Guys, this is why you are encouraged to carry a change of clothes while attending any hike. The trails are unpredictable. And that’s what makes the whole experience fun.

We reached Nairobi during the daytime. Giving everyone ample time to get home in time.

I absolutely enjoyed the entire experience. The slow walk up, the chill time at the summit, and the racing downhill due to the incoming rain.
I had amazing company. Everyone was uniquely beautiful and we all were one small team of new people getting acquainted with each other.

We had stories for days on our ride back home.


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#ChinkuTravels February 27, 2022 - 5:33 pm

Ole Sekut is one amazing hiking destination and the way you wrote it in the blog made it so amazing , keep sharing and giving people a chance to explore this beautiful country

Monicah Wangari March 1, 2022 - 8:52 am

It sure is. Thank you.


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