Hiking Ngong Hills, Kajiado County

by Monicah Wangari
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Location of Ngong Hills

Kajiado County, 25Kms from Nairobi

Transport Cost

Note; Kes = Kenya Shillings

Transport via public means

Kes. 100 from Nairobi Town to Ngong Town

Kes. 100 from Ngong Town to Ngong Hills via motorbike

Kes.100 back to Ngong Town or Kiserian Town via motorbike

Kes. 100-150 from Ngong/Kiserian Towns to Nairobi Town

Total fare to and from is approximately Kes.450

Transport via private means (taxi/uber)

From Nairobi Town to Ngong Hills, is Kes. 1,000

Total fare to and from is approximately Kes. 2000 – 3000

Hike Duration

Obviously based on your fitness level. However, the average estimated time is 5-6 hours from Ngong Town Entrance to Corner Baridi. And another 5 hours getting back. A whole day affair.

It took us approximately 5 hours to cover Ngong Hills from the Ngong Town Entrance to Corner Baridi. We made many photo stops.

Story Time

Happy to report that I am no longer stating that I’ve never climbed Ngong Hills – my first hike of 2021.

I left home early as we were to begin our hike by 7 am. 

I’d seen an advert on Instagram by solivetravel. Ngong hills for Kes. 650. It excited me how soon into the year it was and the price was three digits in Kenya Shillings.

I invited my friend Sabina who shares in the wanderlust love. 

I’ve done several hills and mountains and I’d always wanted to do Ngong Hills. It just wasn’t adding up that I’d done many others and not Ngong Hills. Yet here’s the perplexing thing; every day, I have a view of it at lunch time.

This past weekend, I was happy to tick it off my to-do list.

There are several ways to get to Ngong. We used public means. We boarded a Ngong PSV matatu No. 111 at Railways Bus Station in Nairobi and alighted at Ngong Town. The cost was Kes. 100 per person.

We then hired a motorbike to the Ngong Hills entrance for Kes. 100 per person.

Since I went with a tour company, everything was already planned for, hence, I didn’t need to ask about the park charges. If you need to find out more, visit the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) website

We started at around 8 am, having warmed up by dancing Zumba. I enjoyed the Zumba which had us jam to Waah by Diamond. It’s still ringing in my head. It gave me flashbacks to the Amboseli trip where we camped and had an early game drive.

Ngong Hills was chilly as Nairobi had experienced rains the two previous days. I expected it to rain but did not let it keep me from showing up. I guess the more you hike and get to experience different difficulty levels, the braver you are to face new challenges.

We were roughly 20 people. I opted to go with a group as any blog I’d read was heavy on going in large groups due to the insecurity incidences. 

We then covered the beautiful 7 hills starting from the Ngong entrance and finished at the Corner Baridi gate. Some of us chose to end our trip there hence covering 11kms while others went back to the start hence covering 22kms. Here is where we feasted on our snacks. Somehow we didn’t feel hungry the whole time hiking. We would just take sips of water while on the hike. That is highly recommended. Remember to carry your water and sugar giving snacks to help enhance your energy.

The Corner Baridi exit is near Kiserian town. A motorbike to Kiserian town is Kes. 100 per person.

From there one gets a matatu to town at Kes. 150 per person.

The Ngong Hills is a series of ups and downs. Hills and valleys. When you are done with them, you might be tempted to go back. Don’t. Because the view ahead is worth your effort.  There is a particularly rocky area. Where you will take dope pictures and videos. And from there the land is flat and calm. You will even encounter herdsmen with their livestock. You will hear the wind and the bells on the livestock. It’s like a calm after a storm. I was happy to be in my zone and to meet people with shared interests as mine.

I however would advocate for markings on the different hills. So that one can be aware of which hill they are on/ how far along they are. Also, we all love a good photo at the summit, standing beside a board that says “you are at the highest point of”.

Ngong Hills is achievable by beginner hikers. I advise everyone wanting to begin the hiking life to start there.

Looking forward to more interactions and activities.

All photos taken by Mike the hiking wolf, an avid hiker, who is organizing a mid-year Tsavo East game drive and hike. Interested? Email me on themkare@gmail.com

I did a video for a more visual experience 🙂

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