Hiking Mt Kasigau and Tsavo East Game Drive

by Monicah Wangari
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If you have been reading my blog or following me on social media, you know how much I enjoy traveling. I enjoy it so much that I knew this is what’s for me before I knew it. Back then, when asked what I want to do I’d say: “I need to go far to figure it out”. I am realizing now that what I meant was, I live, thrive, and glow in moving around. Not being kept in one place.

So since I started hiking, I have come closer to finding myself. My art. I love how we do it. And while at it, we network, make new friends, and experience nature.

I had missed being out there, far from Nairobi for more than a day. And when Mike told me about the Kasigau two nights experience, I was excited.


Road Trip to Kasigau

We left Nairobi on a chilly Saturday. The road trip didn’t feel long at all. We traversed counties from Nairobi county down to Taita Taveta County via Mombasa Road. The whole trip was a sight for sore eyes. From clear roads, baobab trees to multiple hills and valleys.

We stopped at Voi for lunch.

We then drove off to our campsite. Kasigau Base Camp. It is located at the base of Mt. Kasigau.

Before getting to camp, we went to a sun-downer location. For a few minutes, we were all dead silent watching the sun. Nobody asked us to be quiet. We just were. It was magical.


Back to camp, we refreshed, had dinner, and chatted the night away under the stars.

I slept around 11 pm, while others chose to burn the midnight oil.

At night it gets cold and windy. The wind woke most of us up in the dead of the night. I thought my tent was going to be blown away. Besides tents, there are bandas where you can choose to sleep in.


Hike Mt Kasigau Day

We woke up not so early, refreshed, and had breakfast ready for a day of hiking.

Our hike run from 8 am to 6 pm.

Kasigau served us views for days. Kasigau is beautiful and fulfilling for wanderlusters. I enjoyed the climb. The experience was moderate. The descent took a toll on most of our knees. It is those descents that seem to last longer than the climb.

What I loved especially about hiking Mt Kasigau is the climate. I was in light clothes. The only time the weather was unfavorable was at the summit. It was very windy.

A few images of the views;

By 6 pm, we were back to camp. I was very tired. After dinner and refreshing, I was off to bed. Or should I say I was off to the tent, mattress, and sleeping bag? I made sure to pack what I could on this night because we were going to leave Kasigau Base Camp very early for the Tsavo Game drive.

Guys, I think I need help when it comes to packing for nights away from home because 😂.

I had two bags and a whole trash bag. Here’s how I packed. One bag was my small day hiking backpack. The other bag had clothes and was full. The black plastic trash bag had my sleeping bag, hiking boots, and snacks. I was the most heavily packed person on the trip😂.

Did I use most of the stuff I carried? Yes. If we go camping with you, don’t be surprised when I show up heavily loaded😌.


Tsavo East Game Drive

The plan being to leave camp by 5 am, we were awake by 4:30 am. This was so we could do a morning Game Drive. Kasigau Base Camp is about 1.5 hours from Tsavo East.

It was a lovely early morning road trip. The sunrise was beautiful. The road is a bit busy with early risers. The hills and valleys of Taita Taveta standing tall, close and far from our eyes reach.

We began our Game Drive at 7:30 am. The sun was already blazing hot. It also offered us the opportunity to glow in photos.

Tsavo East is very big. We spent four hours exploring the place in our coaster van. When the Game Drive began, we were excitedly seeking animals. We saw elephants, a cheetah, antelopes among a few more. The more we went in, the lesser animals we saw. There are very dry sides of Tsavo. There we hardly saw any animals. Most of us slept at some point.

We then exited the park for Nairobi.

The ending of trips usually feels horrible. Like, “please take me back”. I am learning to appreciate the opportunities I have to travel. I am learning to look forward to the next one. Because travel is here to stay for me.


Youtube Vlog – Hiking Mt Kasigau




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