Hiking Chyulu Hills, Makueni County, Kenya

by Monicah Wangari
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Day 1; Road Trip to Chyulu Hills National Park, Kisula Caves and Camping

On a beautiful Saturday morning, we headed out to the rolling hills of Chyulu.
Hosted by Adventurego Kenya, I and my friends bundled up in an overland truck, we marveled at the beauty that is the vast land running along Mombasa Road.

Having left Nairobi at 5:30 AM, we were at Mtito Andei at 9 AM where we did some shopping and had breakfast.

We then headed on to Chyulu National Park, a mere 2 hours’ drive from Mtito. That ride felt short.

Little did I know what awaited me was a 22Km long bumpy and uncomfortable ride half the time.
I longed to get to the camp.

We stopped at the Kisula Caves for cave exploration and then had lunch.

From there we headed on to the camp. We got there as the sun went down. We marveled at the sights.

Tents were set up.
It got windy and cold, so we gathered by the fireplace for dinner and “story za jaba”.
I called it a night at 10 PM – my tentmates came way later.

Day 2; Hiking Chyulu Hills and Trip back home

We woke up at 5 AM to hike early before it became hot and to get back in good time.
Chyulu Hills are very beautiful, you are going to be gasping either from loss of breath while hiking up or from the beautiful views. I especially liked the views inside the forests – it felt like being in a sacred place filled with ancient trees.

It got foggy and cold while we were up there, so we didn’t see Mt Kilimanjaro.

The descent was one for the books. Long grass all around which we had to maneuver through. Thank God for Abigail who shared her experience on Insta and gave a warning against wearing shorts for a Chyulu Hills hike.

By 11 AM we were done with the hike. I found it to be an easy to moderate hike.
Off I was to create content with the rolling hills in my background. Grateful to Andrew for the patience and delivery.

Visit my Instagram to see what we shot; Hiker Kare

From there we had lunch, packed up, and off we were back home.
I had a blast on this one. I would recommend it if you are a lover of road trips, hikes, bonfires, and the wild in general.


Watch my Instagram stories here for a more visual experience.


Bye for now 🙂

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