by Monicah Wangari
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With me nursing a flu, i didn’t get out much but just enough. Mostly, i slept a lot, i love my sleep. And when i got out, it was totally amazing, worth it and super tiring as well.

Friday was wash wash day then Saturday, i decided to explore my country along with some amazing humanitarians.

The plan was to visit a Children’s Rehabilitation School in Lower Kabete along with G United graduates and friends. G United could be a new term to you so let me get into it.


It is an initiative by the government of Kenya started in 2014 which involves university graduates volunteering to be sent to various counties away from their home county to assist the community. This they do by teaching in the schools there and also create or further community projects. The volunteering graduates are given a host family hence they experience the new culture fully. That is also part of the aims of the initiative. The volunteers do this for one year then get certificates and within the year, they are given a stipend. For more information, visit the website click here

Got to koja bus station where we boarded a matatu (psv) to Kabete Rehabilitation School. Within that area are 3 more children correctional facilities. By children I mean anyone below 18 years.
So, on the way, are some really modern beautiful houses just before you get to the University of Nairobi (UoN) Campus. They should be enough motivation for students here.
Those houses made me understand why people hustle hard for money to facilitate the good life. First it’s loud then quiet. By that I mean first you hustle hard so you can get as much rest as you want later, but, don’t forget to live in the days of hustle. I can imagine how modern the houses are, like do they have a sitting room, a TV room, a chill out room, a dining room instead of just an all-in-one room? And do they have phones in every room so whenever you are looking for your brother or mother, you call and it rings throughout the whole house? I keep wondering, do their taps ever run dry? No, not a chance. This is where punks like Rihanna live yeah? Houses which have focused on the glass to make up for walls. The good life I say. To them, when it rains, its actually beautiful while for others, we have to lift our sisal suitcases on the double decker.
Focus woman, focus.
So, rehab for persons aged below 18. I mean, what crime could they possibly have committed for them to go to rehab/remand/prison.. I myself have never encountered a police officer.
I mean, what could trigger to a kid to get them to commit whatever crime.
Seeing the boys, The Kabete Rehabilitation School hosts boys only, I couldn’t help but try figure what they were thinking. I mean, many people visit hoping to hear their stories. Do they get tired of repeating them? Are they scared of being judged? What do they care about?
We did plant some trees along with them,
and had talk sessions, made soap by mixing three ingredients whose names i can hardly remember (too chemistry) and got to visit their greenhouses which are financed by the KCB Jiajiri Program click here for more information.

Who knew green houses could facilitate such great lighting for a photo

Besides that as a source of income, they make and sell such pieces;
IMG_20180331_122504 (1).jpg

my first bracelet with a Kenya theme

After listening, I learnt that some are in for selling bhang, others for refusing to attend school and stealing from parents, others for defilement, others were street kids. They are infact very open to tell their stories.
Once they attain the age of 18, either they are let out to go back home or they are sent to prison with other adults. Now that will depend on the review given by their management based on their behaviour improvement.
Well that was that, and as we left, they accompanied us to the bus stage. They are free to leave the institution at specific times, since it is more of a school than a prison. I played a song on my phone and we danced to the famous dance in Kenya for a while now, THE ODI DANCE. Yes! I can break a leg too *smiles*

I joined some art lovers to Westgate Mall in Westlands where beautiful pieces are laid all around on the ground floor. Did you know that there are artists, not just Jack on the Titanic, who can sketch you on paper with pencil within just 30 minutes in Kenya. How cool is that! Check them out on; Lilechi Designs
And to add on top of these juicy info, they are university students taking the Fine Arts course.
I do hope you had yourself a great Easter Holiday.
May your days be as fruitful as it gets.
May God’s peace that surpasses human understanding be your portion.
Signing out,
The Humanitarian.

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Jack April 12, 2018 - 10:41 am

Nice article. I seldom read an article to the end but this one got me thinking that I have started reading the first paragraph little did I know that I was wrapping up. Give us another piece of information.

mkareblog April 12, 2018 - 11:19 am

Hey Jack, welcome here. Glad you read this one. If you want more info, there’s a ‘click here” text. Or what exactly would you want more info on?


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