Exploring Kisumu Town for a Weekend

by Monicah Wangari
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Sometime ago, I discovered my undying love for traveling
Sometime ago I joined a travel network marketing club
Sometime ago I left the club since it was fit to do so, having not traveled
Sometime ago I learnt about rotaract
Sometime ago I started traveling
Sometime ago I visited Watamu, Samburu, Malindi, Uganda and Tanzania
Sometime ago I got the idea to have a travel focus
Sometime ago I decided to travel my country town by town and feel that Kenya is mine too, belongingness
Sometime ago I chose to start with Kisumu, mostly because I passed by there enroute Uganda at night and promised myself to visit
Sometime ago I fulfilled that promise with my girlfriend since campus

Friday the 5th Oct; Road Trip to Kisumu Town

We aboard a Prestige Shuttle from Nairobi to Kisumu. What’s interesting is, the driver prays together with the passengers before departure, after advising us to put on our seat belts. We were well on out way to exploring Kisumu Town for a Weekend.
The ride to Kisumu is through Westlands to Kangemi to Uthiru to Limuru to The Phenomenal and famous Great Rift to Naivasha to Nakuru to Kisumu. Approximately 6 hours. With one stop at Nakuru.

Great Rift Valley Viewpoint
Mt Longonot

We got there roughly at 5pm, day travel was the only option for me since I love to see and familiarize.

Exploring the Kisumu nightlife was definitely part of the bucket list. And we discovered 3 major clubs. Barcadia tops the list. The club isn’t as big as clubs in Nairobi but it gets the most guests. It gets full inside and guys sit and stand all over the outside by the road. Street kids too come to dance along as the outside is open to anyone. Signature club which charges for entry. And Club Roan which is across the road from Barcadia at a rooftop.

Outside Barcadia

Saturday the 6th Oct, Let’s Explore

Saturday had us visit the Impala Park which is a peaceful haven. You walk beside zebras, impalas, and you get to view the lake. It’s an animal orphanage hence there’s lions, giraffes, monkeys, hyenas, ostrich. Here you carry your own food/snacks since it’s a picnic place. There’s a food lounge too with a lake view.

At Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
Walking along peaceful animals

Later on we took a tuktuk through a dusty road from Impala to Dunga Hillcamp. Perfect place to view a beautiful sunset while in Kisumu. Since it goes behind the lake. In the night, they light lamps and place em on each table.

Too much hyacinth on the lake, beautiful view though
Friends, good music, cool breeze, food, drinks = heaven on earth

Sunday the 7th Oct, Return Day Plus a Little more Exploration

Sunday was our day back. We’d booked our return shuttle on Friday, just incase we were tempted to spend all our money. Having rested well on Saturday, we dressed up for three amazing ventures. The Masai Market, Lwang’ni Beach and the trip back home. I must say sweatpants and loose vests are my new favorites for my trips lately. Easy like a Sunday with no need to slay.

Masai market is a small area where you can view, fancy and buy items in around 20 minutes. I did get a kiondo and bicycle kinda earrings.
From there we took a motorbike to the famous Lwang’ni Beach, famous for delish fish meals. It’s actually an insult to ask for any other meal here because the fish mmmhh is cooked to perfection. Fish, ugali of course. We did the Kes. 1,000 fish, the three of us.

Lwang’ni beach

Our new friend Seth saw us to the bus stage and we left satisfied souls. Longing to come back and see more in future. But for now, we can kinda say Kisumu Pacho. (pacho – home)

I must appreciate those who facilitated this for us, Igna, Beryl, Razia, Seth and the rest of the amazing rotaract family we met. You guys are so full of love. And more love shall definitely come your way.

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Above all, a toast to you for reading this 

The Mkare.

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David Osore October 13, 2018 - 12:19 pm

Kisumu is a nice place though a very small city. Loose clothes are the best. It was actually a good experience for me and fun too cause I got to dance the odi dance with the street children at barcadi which really made them happy I even had to award the one who did it the best way. And he shared with the rest. Kisumu is such a nice a place.

Monicah Wangari October 13, 2018 - 12:29 pm

Wow amazing experience Davy, thanks for sharing

Beryl October 13, 2018 - 5:48 pm

It was nice having you around, come back again.

Monicah Wangari October 13, 2018 - 6:54 pm

Thanks Beryl, we sure shall


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