Exploring Kenze Gorges, Makueni County. Beautiful Rock Formations.

by Monicah Wangari
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Road Trip to Kenze Gorges

5:40AM on a beautiful Saturday morning, you leave Nairobi for the Kenze Gorges in Makueni County.

You drive down Mombasa Road and take a left turn at Salama. Then drive on this narrow two-way tarmac road up to Mukaa Primary School. You pick up your guide at Mukaa Primary School. He directs you on a dirt road to AIC church, where you park. The drive through the dirt road takes 20 minutes and is accessible to all cars.

You have a hearty introduction session, a stretch session by all of you, and prayers.

Hiking Through Kenze Gorges

Then you begin the hike at 8:30 AM. It’s currently the cold season in Kenya. The weather looks a little gloomy – more clouds, less sun. That works for you seeing how hot Eastern Kenya gets.

The trail gets rocky 10 minutes into the hike. Proper hiking boots come through. A few people have sports shoes which seem to work for them. However, I encourage you to get hiking boots if hiking is a hobby you plan on holding on to in the long run.

Then the mind-blowing never-ending rock formations begin. During the rainy season, this is usually a river. And when it’s dry, you see what’s usually under that river. Beautiful rock formations.

You and your fellow hikers take lots of photos and videos. You stop multiple times whenever you spot a good photo spot. It feels like an exploration of some sort – enjoying the environment and being in the moment with zero rush.

You come across a nice spot and change into your dresses. You had asked the girls to carry dresses. They all did. Pure bliss. You take amazing files.

Somewhere into the hike, you hear some locals yelling. They are warning you about snakes and death if you swim at some deep part of the river ahead. Your guide explains it to you. It is true. There’s a deep part of the river where people have died. Some intentionally, others unintentionally. Wild. A friend later narrates to you how they encountered a snake sometime back.

You keep walking and marveling at nature’s beauty. You come across a place where there’s a sandy beach.

And another with water deep enough for you to swim in (different from the deep part which locals warned you against). You dip your legs in and have small fish give you a free pedicure. They bite at your skin. It feels like being gently touched.

You come across a snake-shaped rock. It was naturally formed. There’s a foot and paw curving too in the same area.

After having covered 13.7Kms, you are back to the starting point at 4 PM. You and the team get a late lunch at Salama and head back to Nairobi.

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