Cheap Accommodation Options While Traveling

by Monicah Wangari
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When am traveling, my goal is usually to explore the place extensively. 

For those who love to explore, cheap accommodation comes in handy allowing them to spend more on the adventure activities. Because nap time is minimal.

Here are a few Cheap Accommodation Options While Traveling; 

1. Couchsurfing

Image source; here

I just recently discovered this site through potentash

It is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities. This option which has an app that you can download on playstore that allows you to sleep for free at a couchsurfer’s residence.

Download links; couchsurfing for android and couchsurfing for ios.

2. HostelWorld

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I learnt about this when I was doing my research on where to stay while attending a wedding in Coast.

While on the search, I stumbled upon tulia backpackers and there was the option to book it via hostelWorld.

With HostelWorld, you can access up to 36,000 properties in 170 countries.

According to their site, “HostelWorld travellers are a unique, passionate breed; they want to see the world, make new connections and crave the adrenaline of new adventures. They want to Meet The World, and it’s the social nature of hostels that turbo-charges their journeys and creates unforgettable memories.”

HostelWorld is an app that you can download from your app store.

For more information, visit

Here’s the download link; hostelworld for android and hostelworld for ios

3. AirBnB

Image source; here

Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 6+ million unique places to stay in 100,000+ cities and 191 countries

You also have access to local communities and interests through 40,000+ unique, handcrafted activities run by hosts across 1,000+ markets around the world.

There’s an app for it. See download link here; airbnb for android and airbnb for ios 

Extra Info

These apps give you the option of being a host too (yes, your house) and earning from it.

Booking is as easy as selecting your location and days of visit.

Owning a tent comes in handy as it is cheaper than sleeping in the premises for those who charge. You simply pay for the space to launch your tent.

See a comparison of accommodation options done by one of my favorite travel bloggers lately;

4. Become an Influencer

Image source; unsplash

Being an influencer has its perks. Influencers get paid to simply post a photo on Instagram with a caption of the product being advertised and they earn from it.

Now imagine writing a whole piece (blog) on the object being advertised or doing a video (YouTube channels).

In terms of traveling, influencers get invited by hotels to stay for free and advertise their hotel while getting paid for it. Some famous blogging influencers within Kenya include (including their direct links) Chick about town, Travelogue of an African Girl, Bonita on SafariJeen Gichuhi, The Kenyan Camper and kenyanbackpacker.

In terms of video they include (including direct links);  Magical Kenya YouTube channel, Getaway PlanetKenyan travel vlogger, Farhana Oberson channel 
Imagine getting paid to travel. Thing is, to earn from this, you need a following, people to influence. 

I’d love to know, what’s your travel experience so far? Have you used these apps before?

Image source; tulia house

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Kenyan Backpacker July 9, 2019 - 11:41 am

Airbnb and Couchsurfing are the best. I would also add HelpX, WWOOF and Work Away for longer stays (More suited for the adventurous souls with a hunger for a rustic life.

Monicah Wangari July 9, 2019 - 11:47 am

Heyy, thanks for passing by, excited to have you 🙂
Thanks for the tips

Murray7679 November 20, 2019 - 3:55 pm

Wow great blog. Your blog is really informative. I am searching this information from few days and I found this information on your blog. I know very important things over here. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Monicah Wangari November 22, 2019 - 10:09 am

You are welcome Murray, happy to inform 🙂

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