by Cecil Ragalo
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About Cecil

I met Cecil in campus, some 5 years back. 

Under Joint Admissions Board of Kenya, commonly known as JAB, he took on Sport Science in Kenyatta University. He went on to pursue exactly that after campus (something I admire about him) despite all the roadblocks which included being advised to “get a proper job”.

Cecil is a personal trainer at Alphafit Gyms Kenya.

You can contact him on +254 719 383 587 and via his email cecilragalo@gmail.com

Social media links; 

IG; https://instagram.com/ragz_fit?igshid=t4jpoa0yulm0

FB; https://www.facebook.com/cecil.ragalo

LinkedIn; https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecil-ragalo-11b511166

Cecil writes too, and it’s my honour to invite him on my blog as a contributor every now and then. I admire his brave outlook towards life which he freely expresses to those who are open to hear. I have learnt a lot from him and I know you too can.

He  will write about a range of topics majoring on adulting and fitness.

Lately I am big on collaborating with other writers and bloggers and you can catch some tips here on how to.

Cecil’s First

To provoke thought, to show the reality that is mental health, to inspire courage and strength through tough times and to inspire a push to accept ourselves as us and not a construct based on how society decides us to be. Every day I become surer of a purpose I would want to take up through this journey called life, and those two lines are pretty much the definition of it all.

Today was a pretty tough day for me, I woke up at 2:00am with a pretty serious decision bugging me. I love control (even though I think in the most part attaining full control is an illusion) and anytime I feel not in control I get into these anxiety fits that just turn me into a mindless zombie incapable of making the most obvious decisions like ‘sleep because you have work tomorrow’. Well I was up by 2am, didn’t fall back to sleep – had my whole day disorganised, for the most part. Here is where I introduce my anchor, we all know what an anchor does or at least we’ve now googled it.

Pushing my physical limits has always been a way for me to slow down my thoughts and even stop them, to help me attain more control, of myself at least. This is my anchor, and I have built my life around it. I am a personal trainer and a sports performance coach, and I live for constant physical challenge and teaching and showing the benefits both mental and physical.

About today…

I figure we all know where I’m going with this. In the middle of my workout the relief and sense of control that has always been there with exercise for me for the past 10years hit me or rather washed over me, and I was up and running again fully charged (I still haven’t made my decision yet by the way-story for another day).  

My personal journey and bits & pieces of my experience of life through the shoes of the everyday people I meet who are fighting a battle knowingly or unknowingly to be themselves and to fit into the construct that society has ‘forced’ them to live, that forms my words on this hopefully positive and inspiring platform that I have the honour of expressing myself.

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