Review of the 2009 Series Being Erica

by Monicah Wangari
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I like Erica. Maybe because her name ryhmes with my first name Monicah. Or because she is an equally imperfect human as I am and she shows that really well in the series Being Erica.

How I stumbled upon it on YouTube is one thing I don’t remember but the bond we (Erica and I) created will perhaps last a lifetime (for me especially 😊)

Erica (real name Erin Karpluk) is the main cast in the series Being Erica (2009 – 2011).

It’s the kind of series that you live through with the character; try comfort them when they need it, cry with them, pat their back when they do good, celebrate their victories, party with them, cook with them, fall in love along with them, help them curse a character, go to sleep when they do too, the list is as you can imagine, huge. More like you live in their world as their best friend/ guardian angel and forget your real world. That was me and Erica for a while. I still think of her even though the series came to a halt on Season 4, a happy ending kind of halt.

So what’s the fuss about Erica you ask. Well, here goes.

About Being Erica

It starts with Erica having the possibly worst day of her life. On this day, she gets fired from her very boring job. She is supposed to have a date with a possible suitor and she is consoled by the thought of him making her day better or even better; being her “The One”. Shock on her as she calls him later in the evening, only for him to apologise after giving her petty excuses. As much as she is disappointed, she is already used to such as she is 32 and has been in the dating scene for long. As if nature is not aware, it rains cats and dogs while she stands on the highway thinking of what next.

She rushes to the nearest coffee shop and orders a coffee which contains something she is allergic to. Next time she opens her eyes, she is at the hospital. All this in one day. There’s so much one can take!

That’s like the first 5 minutes into the series and I couldn’t help but wonder what became of her so, I kept watching.

While on the bed, a stranger shows up, Dr. Tom (real name Michael Riley), you will love him trust me, and tells her he knows about her life and would help her if she is willing to trust and listen to him and be open of course, at no charge.

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First sessions involve Erica writing down all her regrets. The next sessions usually are a one on one where Dr. Tom chooses a specific regret, asks Erica to describe it and say what she would do differently, then Erica has the priviledge of going back in time experiencing it all over again. With her current knowledge. Who wouldn’t want that?! Her biggest regret usually is her brother’s death which she painfully learns she can do nothing to change it. Death is death.

The series is a mixture of all emotions and you will especially laugh when she goes back in time and falls over or drops dishes or hits something,..

Watch as Erica’s personality, beliefs and choices are put to the test and her becoming a self aware, confident and above all a complete woman.

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Signing out,


A fan of Being Erica. 

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teresanyandema June 19, 2018 - 7:19 pm

Very fascinating!

mkareblog June 19, 2018 - 10:22 pm

Very much, you should watch

dixions July 2, 2018 - 3:49 pm

Well put. You should be incorporated in the series and allowed to bring all your wonderful experiences.

mkareblog July 2, 2018 - 3:58 pm

Yes! We should talk to the Being Erica crew huh

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