by Monicah Wangari
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Kikuyu culture has it that the first people on earth were Gikuyu and Mumbi who bore nine daughters. Among them Wangari. My name is Monicah Wangari. Short form for Wangari is Kare. So I decided to combine my names to get myself a nickname, MKare. Pretty cool isn’t it?

I am Kenyan by birth. Having left the country twice, I long to see the rest of the world in my lifetime because I do find travelling fulfilling.

Welcome to my space where I feel freest to express my heaviest of emotions and life experiences.

I used to write back then in my diary where I would vent, write myself letters. Then I discovered blogging in August 2017. I decided to give it a shot. Share my numerous wild feelings and thoughts on a larger network. And now, writing wide (more than just emotions) has become a passion overtime.

What fascinates me about publishing articles is the ability to put words on a system and make them appear in a very pleasant manner. Not to say i have a bad handwriting, well, it’s readable to another eye. So, as I was saying, publishing online is like how meals are served at a 5-star restaurant. 

Do feel at home while here.