A Ngare Ndare, Meru County, Day Trip

by Monicah Wangari
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I honestly believe this location, Ngare Ndare, is an experience all nature enthusiasts ought to devour.

Location of Ngare Ndare

The distance from Nairobi, through the Nanyuki route, to Ngare Ndare is 232 Kms (four and a half hours). It is located at the foothill of Mt. Kenya in Meru County.


Traveling with a tour company will cost you roughly Kes. 3,500 – 4,000. This includes transport to and from nairobi and the park fees. The price may or may not include snacks. It is good to ask in advance.

If you are using your own means, park fee (entrance plus an armed guide) is Kes. 1,500. This I got from the Kenya Forest Service site.


Am yet to achieve that goal of summiting Mt Kenya. In the meantime, I will keep prepping for it. While looking forward to it.

I admire this Kenyan travel vblogger @justrioba who has traveled extensively. On top of that, she now plans girls’ trips all over the world. I honestly really wanted to meet her and interact with her. To feel her inspiration behind what she does. I was fortunate to do so on the last weekend of January. We did all there is to do at Ngare Ndare Forest.

Between now and the end of March, she has three hikes planned which I hope to participate in.

I am looking forward to summiting Mt Kenya through one of her girls’ trips.

30th of January 2021

The 30th of January 2021 had us all early at Kencom as we were set to leave by 6 am. Winnie Rioba had insisted that the bus would leave exactly at 6 am with whoever would be present. I was early. Couldn’t take the chance. Reputation truly precedes a person.

It’s a long ride to Ngare Ndare and I kept wondering if we would make it back to Nairobi ahead of curfew hour. We currently have a curfew of 10 pm to 4 am. 

A Myriad of Activities

We got there at noon and began the 3.5Kms beginner hike. Not to brag, but with my level of hiking experience, this was a walk in the park. Literally.

At some point, we were asked to keep hushed tones since elephants frequent the area. 

We then got to the famous Ngare Ndare natural pool. The best time to visit the forest is when the weather is hot. The water was clear blue with a little waterfall flowing beside it. During the rainy season, the pool usually gets muddy.

We then braced ourselves for the Ngare Ndare canopy walk. The canopy walk is made of wire mesh and is 40ft high and 450 meters long. Unforgettable experience. I would walk and my mind would try to play mind games on me. 

We made it across and were in for a wonderful surprise. Elephants feeding then bathing. It was breathtaking watching them get on with their business.

For queries on charges etc, visit Kenya Forest Service

Winnie Rioba had more trips lined up this year. Check out her blog.

This marks my second hike in Meru County. Read about my first hike; Nyambene Hills

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