A Fall From Grace – A 2020 Film by Tyler Perry

by Monicah Wangari
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Falling in love, it’s something. It does things to you. And makes you do things you probably once said you never would or never even thought you would in your lifetime. It makes you fall from grace.

While some have never fallen in love, others have and among those who have, some hope to find love again and others hope never to find love again. 

The Plot

Grace Waters (Crystal Fox), a woman in her 50s, is lonely after the divorce from her husband of 25 years who has just married his secretary.

Her best friend Sarah (Phylicia Rachad) encourages her to get out there and meet someone. 

So Sarah gets Grace access to an art gallery. 

While enjoying the serenity of art, she meets someone. He is tall, dark and handsome. They converse for a while. Turns out he is the artist behind all the art on display. He is holding the art gallery to raise money towards a charitable course. Hmm, admirable! 

His name is Shannon (Mehcad Brooks) and little does she know she just met her happiness and storm. He is perfect in every way and they actually get along really well. He takes her on these amazing dates, and walks her home every time. Three months down the line, he proposes to her. I must commend the location because it’s perfect – there are fireflies. She wasn’t thinking of marriage again but this guy charmed her big time. 

Grace and Shannon. Source; here

The twist – there’s always a twist, sigh!

I don’t know why stories can’t just be happy from start to end, I mean, eventually for them too, things start spiraling downwards. 

One day while at work, she is summoned by her bosses. And to her shock, she learns that she withdrew a huge sum of money from the company. Every detail about the withdrawal is linked to her and she is fired.

She shares this with her husband who supports her and helps her put the pieces together. Little does she know he is the betrayer alongside someone who she least expects. This makes me think; you never truly know anyone. 

The thing about this movie is, the end is where the whole point of the movie hits you. It’s not the lesson you expected to learn as it began. I honestly just thought it was about an old lady with money marrying a younger guy who gives her butterflies then disrespects her and it all goes down the drain, but no, there’s more.

This thriller movie is written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry who recently opened his own studio late last year. He shot it in five days as opposed to the normal movie shoot time of seven days. It is the first of Tyler Perry to be released on Netflix

It has caused a lot of stir online with spectators commenting on the flops visible and advising him to hire writers and editors for his work, and make a good investment of resources and time into his work in the future. 

In my opinion, it’s worth your two hours as it has quite a twist at the end. Don’t skip to the end though.

Featured image source; here 

Am curious, Have you watched the film? If you have, what did you think of it? What was your take home?

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Reagan January 30, 2020 - 7:10 pm

now am curious to watch this movie

Reagan January 30, 2020 - 7:15 pm

why don’t you give us all the juicy details?

Monicah Wangari January 31, 2020 - 8:14 am

Lol! Hey Reagan,
I will do you the honor of not being a spoiler. It’s only two hours anyway 🙂


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