10 Romantic and Thriller Netflix Movies To Watch

by Monicah Wangari
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 It is now probably the longest holiday most people are having this year. Or not. Depending on how the whole Covid-19 situation messed up or fixed up your schedules. Anyway, I know we all love a good movie to watch. So here is a list of some that I have enjoyed watching this year.

The Barrier (Spanish Series, 2020); Drama 

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This is a 2020 production based on the current global pandemic.  

It starts by showing two different worlds separated by social class and a wall to emphasize that. There are rules on how people can access the wall and there is a curfew imposed. In a sense, it reflects what we are going through globally but, with a twist. Some children are abducted by a company that is creating and testing the virus vaccine. It doesn’t end well for them though since a revolt begins.

New girl Series (2011); Romantic Comedy

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If you are looking for a romantic comedy, this is a good place to begin. Starts with a few male roommates looking for a roommate to fill their recently vacated room. Then shows up Jess who just recently broke up with her boyfriend. She moves in and spends her first few days watching the same sad movie while crying. Eventually, the roommates pull her out of it and encourage her to start dating again. She even ends up dating one of them. It’s pretty hilarious as the characters all take up interesting personas which will leave you laughing out loud. Especially Nick Miller’s dumbness.

How To Ruin Christmas; The Wedding (Short South African Series, 2020); Romantic Comedy

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Well what can I say, I do love a little drama and comedy in one –  a perfect cocktail. A series with only four episodes which left me hoping for more. Tumi, who’s been single for a while, is going to her sister’s wedding but is not very excited about it. She’s been away from home for a long time and doesn’t get along well with her mother. She manages to mess up a lot of things including sleeping with a married man. She also kinda ruins the whole wedding and makes the couple call it quits. But it doesn’t end there.

Sincerely Daisy (Kenyan Movie, 2020); Romantic Comedy

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I had to do a Kenyan one. Supporting my own people. 

It premiered on Netflix this year. Produced by Nick Mutuma, the storyline is about a young girl who fights for her space in the world of acting. She experiences heartbreak and betrayal by her close friend. Eventually, things work out for her.

Cable Girls (Spanish Series, 2017-2020); Drama

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The series is based in the 1920s in Madrid when women were either not allowed to work or were allowed to work only specific jobs. The only job for women was telephone operators. They played the middle women between persons trying to communicate via the telephone. It was a physical process where wires were connected to ports to connect callers. The operators could be able to listen in on conversations. A group of women strikes a friendship. They are all going through different struggles but they are there for each other. One is bi, another has an abusive husband, while another has a different identity and has been lying about it for a while. At some point, history haunts the main characters and ruins a lot. I found the women’s power and support powerful. 

The World Of The Married (Korean Series, 2020); Romantic Drama Thriller

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You might find it a bit slow if you are used to Hollywood movies which leave you to fill in the blanks between scenes. This is a Korean movie revolving around a family of three. It starts happily. Moves on happily until the wife realizes the husband is cheating and her friends are aware and protecting the husband. Within the rollercoaster, she meets a girl who’s in an abusive relationship and they strike a friendship. The husband ends up marrying his mistress and they move away having been disowned by everyone. They then come back two years later having succeeded. They enjoy the glory for a while but everything soon comes tumbling down. 

Into The Night (2020); Sci-fi Drama Thriller

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What if the sun malfunctioned, causing all living things to die. And you have to always relocate into the night to stay alive. The movie focuses on a group of people hijacked while on a plane by a soldier who knew the current catastrophe. They eventually catch up on what’s going on and have to fight through to get to an underground bunker. 

Fatal Affair Movie(2020); Psychological Thriller

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She is married but feels as though she’s sleeping with a stranger. She meets a guy who she used to know from college. They hit it off. Turns out he has a disorder and is obsessive and doesn’t understand letting go. Remember Obsessed (2009) and Fatal Affair (1987), well they are a bit similar. In Fatal Affair (1987), it’s the girl who is obsessed.

The Loft (Belgian Movie, 2014); Erotic Thriller

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A few married guys rent out a loft where they are free to do anything in. They just have to keep it a secret among themselves. They use it exactly for what you are thinking. Promiscuity. But then tables turn for them when a girl is found dead in the loft by one of them. It turns out they framed each other. The movie has quite the twist.

Lord Of The Rings (Trilogy, 2001-2003); Epic Adventure

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I remember I camped on the sofa and watched all three movies in a day. Each movie is almost three hours long. The Fellowship of the Rings(2001), the Two Towers(2002), and The Return of the King(2003). I’d recommend it for a full lazy day of movies. It’s a classic movie which revolves around a ring. A ring that had the power to rule all other rings. So the fight for power meant the fight for the ring. Whoever owned it was the all-powerful ruler. An absolute classic trilogy!

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Happy holidays from me 🙂

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