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Usually this stands for quite a number of latino dances for one who has not much knowledge on them yet. So, in layman language, it stands for; salsa, kizomba, bachata, chacha, rueda etc. But...


Make Up

Heavy topic this one. Have you ever thought why the name? Just google the word and see what comes up; the physical, mental, and moral character of a person, is one way to see...


Dog Show

For a little over two hours while watching the quiet vast world, we lay by the train rail thinking about life. Admiring the sky above us, the sun smiling down on us. The very...


The Art of Reading

Reading has become a culture today and just like movies and music there are many book genres, major ones being inspiration and storytelling. And they do not have to be in hard copy. Tech...

Rainbow 2


Yesterday I was hopeless Today I saw the rainbow I felt a light in me I became hopeful again My higher being had spoken Exacty what i needed A tap on my dying soul.


Niaje Ras

Niaje Ras? Poa sana.  ps; niaje ->poa is the most common greeting in Kenya Well this I have heard several times, me being the Ras. Ras is short form for Rastafarian. Rastafarian can be...

Very Attractive Message 7

Very Attractive Message

They say that you haven’t hustled in Nairobi unless you’ve been enrolled to a network marketing scheme or at least attended several meetings. The story of my life. Well, my first encounter was almost...


36 Techniques

CEO: Hey! Sit down. Choreographer: Why are you telling him to sit! CEO: I know why am telling him to Choreographer: But am teaching them a new routine, let him join us CEO: Fine!...